1 Throw Design – 2 Ways

If you are a fan of Red Heart throw patterns, I’m sure you have seen the Retro Ornament Throw by Jessie Rayot. It is a standout, gorgeous design that many of you have downloaded.

LW4869 Retro Ornament Throw

 I wanted to share that our Design Team loves this design so much that we have also recently used new fall-ish colors for this throw…it’s perfect for the coming cooler months. We’ve had a long hot summer here in Charlotte, so the idea of Fall coming is especially appealing. See our new version which is named the Graphic Fall Throw. It may not be as bright as the first version, but it would certainly brighten up a neutral home color scheme. We’re thinking of making it a third time in a completely different colorway…stay tuned.
LW5000 Graphic Fall Throw
I know that many of you are doing your own color choices that may not be the same holiday brights as Jessie used. If you’ve made it, please share your color choices on our Facebook page. It would be great to see what you have done (even if it isn’t finished yet).

If you haven’t started your Retro Ornament Throw, you can view over 100 Super Saver color possibilities on redheart.com. Super Saver is made in the USA with no-dye lot colors. So if you don’t buy all your yarn at one time, you know that you can buy more yarn and it will match. I love the way it machine washes and dries so I don’t have to be careful about getting food near my throws. You’ll find that the yarn actually feels nicer after washing and drying. Drying by machine allows the acrylic fiber to go back into its original shape (no blocking necessary).
E300 Super Saver

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