12 Ageless Knit Designs

When we photograph the samples of our free pattern designs, we show them on women that are usually not too young and not too old. We’re hoping that you can visualize the design for yourself or for someone that will get it as a gift, no matter what the age. Sometimes the age of the model or a color can influence whether you see the piece on a teen, a millennial, a boomer or whatever generation. But wearables are often a reflection of personal style, not age. The way the item is accessorized and worn can greatly change the way it looks.

I have chosen 12 of our knit designs with simple lines and ageless style. They can be worn easily by all ages, from teen to any decade of your life. This is just a sampling….I’m sure there are many more designs that go easily from generation to generation.

So I hope when you look through the free pattern photos you will remember not to be inhibited by the age of the model. Try to see yourself wearing the item, perhaps in the same color, or perhaps in a different color. You can hold up the ball of yarn next to your face and take a selfie to see how you like the color on you. You’ll find that knitting the perfect combination of color and pattern style is a wonderful creative outlet.
So don’t let the photos on the Red Heart site tell you what to do…try doing your own thing!

Voyager Poncho
Knit in Heart & SoleVoyager Poncho
Any Day Beret
Knit in SoftAny Day Beret
Warm Colorful Cowl
Knit in Super SaverWarm Colorful Cowl
Relaxed Sweater
Knit in MedleyRelaxed Sweater
Calm and Cozy Cowl
Knit in Boutique FurCalm and Cozy Cowl
Fair Isle Poncho & Arm Warmers
Knit in With LoveFair Isle Poncho & Arm Warmers
Cozy Car Coat
Knit in GrandeCozy Car Coat
Twisted Rib Vest
Knit in SoftTwisted Rib Vest
Sea Glass Scarf
Knit in Boutique InfinitySea Glass Scarf
Two-Tone Cable Sweater
Knit in SoftTwo-Tone Cable Sweater
Monet’s Garden Sweater
Knit in Boutique TreasureMonet’s Garden Sweater
Voluminous Cowl
Knit in GrandeVoluminous Cowl

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