13 Free Knit & Crochet Bag Patterns for Any Occasion


Everyone likes to have a nice bag to use for whatever the need. So we thought we would put together 13 of most popular bag knit and crochet free patterns that can be used for shopping, traveling, to a night out on the town or whatever the occasion. Plus, they can make a great gift too!

Latticework Shoulder BagLatticework Shoulder Bag Striped Tote BagStriped Tote Bag Trendy Tote BagTrendy Tote Bag
Chic Tote BagChic Tote Bag Color Knit BagColor Knit Bag Plus Size Cable BagPlus Size Cable Bag
Ruffled Sparks ClutchRuffled Sparks Clutch Sunny Day Tote BagSunny Day Tote Bag Nick of Time Gift BagNick of Time Gift Bag
Wise Owl Tote BagWise Owl Tote Bag Knit Change PurseKnit Change Purse Ribbed Project BagRibbed Project Bag
Knit Teen BagKnit Teen Bag

8 thoughts on “13 Free Knit & Crochet Bag Patterns for Any Occasion

  1. Christa Evans Reply

    These bags are all so nice, its hard to choose which to make first. Thank you.

  2. Pat Cosby Reply

    I love to crochet and look forward to my emails from Red Heart. Thanks for your time.

  3. Geraldine B Martin Reply

    If I knew how to download I would show all of you a picture of the “KNITTING BAG” I made using left-over yarn, from a tutorial in about 2 hours. It really turned out nicely; every where I go people comment how nice it is ; and often ask where I purchased the bag.

  4. Gabby Reply

    What would we do without you guys sending us all these WONDERFULLY, BEAUTIFULLY, UNIQUELLY, FANTABULOUS etc., patterns?! Thanks soooo much for all you do!!

  5. polly eunice Reply

    I do crocheting and knitting but i find these wonderful. thanks for this wide knowledge covered.

  6. Anne N Stoddard Reply

    thank you so much, you have just supplied a wonderful couple of months of knitting and crochet projects for me and also
    solved my next Christmas Gift List. ;-) I love Red Heart Yarns, so many colors and different types of yarn. Thanks again!!

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