19 Crocheted Dresses for a Wedding

When Stephanie Brooks-Holyfield posted this picture on our Facebook page, we were stunned! She had crocheted all 19 of the dresses for this ceremony, so we had to get more details.

original bridal party pictureStephanie has been crocheting since she was about seven, after learning from an arts & crafts class at the local YMCA. She has a friend from her church who she has made several dresses for, so they got the idea for Stephanie to make dresses for her friend’s sister’s vow renewal.

Stephanie crocheted 18 bridesmaids dresses and 1 bridal gown for this 25th anniversary vow renewal! The entire original wedding party was involved in the ceremony.

She used Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo since it is sturdy, and the pieces she has made with Super Saver have lasted for over a decade. The bridesmaids dresses are in 316 Soft White and the bride’s gown is in 311 White.

Stephanie started crocheting the dresses the first week of April, and concluded the bride’s dress on June 4, the day of the ceremony. It took her about a day and a half to make each dress, and she did not use a pattern. She says that she is retired, so she has a lot of time to crochet and that it soothes her soul.

Wonderful job Stephanie!

Have you made any large-scale projects? Let us know in the comments or on our social media pages.

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5 thoughts on “19 Crocheted Dresses for a Wedding

  1. Cheryl

    So beautiful and such talent. This is truly a labor of love. God Bless and best wishes for another 25 happy years!!

  2. Bridgette

    that is insane fast. But, wow! beautiful job!

  3. Cecile

    You are one talented woman, just gorgeous! God Bless you

  4. Barbara Johnson

    Exactly how i feel about crochet… it “soothes the soul”:) This is a wonderful display of love and the love of hand crafting! To me they go hand in hand… Thank you for sharing this beautiful example of what it means to truly LOVE your craft… May you and all have many many more years of happiness:))

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