2014 Red Heart Yarns in Review

I can’t believe were coming upon the close of another year. At year end we tend to get nostalgic and reflect back on all the great things that happened throughout the year. Here are some of the highlights from 2014. I couldn’t keep it to just ten so here are our top 11! Thanks for all of your support and for loving our yarns as much as we do!

LW4233 Arm Knit Cowl11. Arm Knitting with Grande – this trend started in late 2013 but made 2014 really start with a big bang! Grande sold out from almost the moment it hit the shelves! Who can blame you for loving this gorgeous heathery yarn.











LW4363 Ruffled Glamour Scarf10. Boutique Sashay Boho – you loved Sashay but the response to Sashay Boho was overwhelming! One ball scarves are still extremely popular and the Boho colors were a perfect addition to this trend. Romantic and Caravan were 2 of your favorite colors.








LW4582 Yo-Yo Scarf9. New colors in Boutique Unforgettable – this yarn has become a staple. A basic roving yarn with gorgeous colors – the possibilities are endless. This year we added 6 new shades that were all popular, but Stained Glass and Sunrise were your clear favorites!











LW4555 Fashion Forward Duster8. Boutique Swanky – this lovely sequined yarn made it on to the scene mid-year and was a big hit from the moment the sparkle caught your eye! Sterling was the favorite shade in this yarn. I say Bling it on!!











7. Heads Up – this basic wool blend yarn got a slow start but with the Color It Mine feature and great color palette, it has been picking up steam and is finishing 2014 in a big way!
ColorItMine steps

LW4578 Skull-riffic Ruffles6. Boutique Sassy Fabric – lots of new fabric patterns this year but your favorites were the Grey Chevron, the Newsprint and, drumroll please….Skull Print was your top new shade in 2014.











5. Boutique Fleecy – this scarf yarn was just recently launched, but you all found it and you stitched it. This soft fleece yarn with an added track makes stitching a one ball scarf easy. I know a bunch of people are going to be wearing new warm Fleecy scarves this winter! Hot Dots and Leopard were the big winners


LW4239 Ruffled Warmth ScarfLW4665 Paulina's Ruffled Scarf













LW4219 Shine On Scarf4. Reflective – this unique yarn caught on in the fall when the time changed and when Halloween was upon us. This is the perfect yarn for selfies with a flash – how fun is it to watch this yarn light up? Black and Neon pink were the faves and I have to agree – I love that combo!








LW4304 Baby Boy Chevron Blanket3. Gray in Baby Yarn! Both Anne Geddes and Soft Baby Steps added gray shades and you found them and used them over and over again! Gray mixed with aqua or bright pink have an updated baby look that all the chic babies (and their nurseries) are sporting this season. Sayonara pastel pink and blue – there’s a new combo in town!










LW4120 Aqueous Throw2. With Love – you have shown a lot of love for With Love making it one of the best-selling Red Heart yarns in 2014. Jadeite is a gorgeous shade, but this throw would be outstanding in any shade you choose. We look forward to launching new shades in 2015 that you will love even more!











1. Super Saver Icelandic – who knew when we developed this beautiful shade that a little movie about a princess who has “icy” powers would use a similar color palette? We thought aqua and grey were lovely together – obviously you did too!











Also we love that you use Super Saver for all kinds of charity work. Here’s a shout out to the group in Portland who covered the statues with permission from the city of course! What a fun idea. PS – we don’t think these sweaters are ugly at all!

4 thoughts on “2014 Red Heart Yarns in Review

  1. Chris

    Kudos to all the young people in Portland and around the country who are grabbing their hooks and needles and creating beauty, warmth and smiles wherever they are and wherever they go.

  2. Melzee Jacobson

    Do you ever donate discontinued yarn for Prayer Shawl Ministries through a church congregation? If so, we would be interested in receiving some. Thank you

  3. Sheryl

    For your GUI, your header stayed in place @ 50% of my iphone or grew to 66% when I tried to scroll. It can appear but should hide as we browse down. Seeing only two lines made this frustrating to ‘why bother’. I tried over six times with different opens but it didn’t improve. I wanted to see your content but now want to avoid such a poor coordination for your audience.


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