31 Days of Giving Back

Most often in July we often think of fun in the sun, picnics, beach days and getting away from our everyday lives. If you are lucky enough to have a little extra time this summer, it’s also a good time to think about those who could use your help. As knitters and crocheters, we are blessed with talents that allow us to give the gift of handmade items. Look at our calendar to see ways you can make a difference.

When researching charities to create this calendar, I was so moved by the vast number of worthy charities collecting handmade items. While their requests vary greatly, their missions all have the same ring. I was surprised to find so many charities that deal with babies and kids. I’m sure there are many others that you may already know about.

The “donate locally” theme was true of many of the online charities. If you can’t find local charities who need your knit and crochet projects, there are many places who will take your donations.

Have a good “giving” summer!

Download your copy of the 31 Days of Giving Calendar.