80 Days of Giveaways

Red Heart is now 80 years old! In celebration, we’re giving away prizes every single day for 80 days!

Here’s how all the prizes will work:

  • Between September 1 and November 19, fill out the 80 Days of Giveaways entry form and submit it.
  • You can enter once a day.
  • We will announce winners once a week, on Tuesdays. There will be a winner selected for every day (80 winners!), but announcements will come every week.
  • We will announce the winners on our winners’ list and send the winners emails to claim their prizes.
  • At the end, we will choose one grand prize from everyone who entered during the 80 days.

Enter now!

50 thoughts on “80 Days of Giveaways

  1. Margaret

    Congratulations with your 80th anniversary. A lot of grandmothers, mothers and daughters love your yarns. A lot of beautiful things are made with Red Heart yarns in these 80 years. Hopefullhy the succes story of Red Heart yarns will go further on in the next years.
    Great way to celebrate with so much lovely give away’s.

    Enjoy your day, Margaret

  2. Carol Root

    Congratulations on the celebration of your 80th Anniversary.

  3. Dorothy Moir

    Good Day
    Haven’t tried your wool yet. Do you send out to South Africa, or do you have a supplier here. Would love to order some of your yarn.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Dorothy, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, our yarn is not currently available in South Africa. RedHeart.com does not currently ship there, but we are always evaluating where we ship to. There may be another retailer that ships to you, but we do not have any specific recommendations.

  4. Cindy Vinck

    My Mother always worked with Red Heart yarns…as do I. Now my daughter and 10 yr old granddaughter are following in our footsteps. Thank you for 80 years of encouraging creativity! Congrats!

  5. Pat

    I remember using a Red Heart booklet to help me learn to knit almost 60 years ago! Of course, I always used Red Heart yarns. :) Congratulations!

  6. Julie

    Hope this includes uk as other give aways haven’t and we also love yr yarn and patterns

  7. Fiona Jackson

    Happy 80th RedHeart
    You’ve made this milestone because of a great product💖

  8. Betty j. Kane

    Have made so many gifts with your yarn. Been crocheting for 50 years, love your Red Heart ❤️ Yarn. Congratulations on your 80th year!

  9. mrs ann heron

    l bout a ball of your yarn when l was on holiday in torqury. and find it very nice wool to knit with. l would love to be lucky to win one of your yean

  10. franca

    Congrats., on your anniversary. Your products are a joy to work with and a pleasure to hold in your hands. Amy knitter or crocheter knows what I am talking about. Keep up the good works and another 180 years of success happy product making, Franca

  11. Pattie

    Congratulations I used red heart with my gramma when I was a little girl and I remember the label red heart now iam 63 and I used red heart that I learned to knit it was a red color yarn good memories thank you great job all these years!

  12. Elaine

    I was 4 yrs old in 1961. My first project was a giant chain in gold, RED HEART worsted. My mother had just finished an afghan and I wanted to be just like her and grandma. I still use RED HEART whenever possible as does my daughter who is carrying on the family tradition. Thank you for 80 years of such a wonderful product. Thank you for the family tradition!

  13. Dorothy Moir

    Congratulations on your 80th anniversary.
    Would love to receive som Red Heart yarn.

  14. Mary Hasse

    Thank you for this contest and the chance to win your yarn. I use a lot of it so winning would be awesome. Blessings to all who enter.

  15. Kimberly Landry

    Happy 80th Red Heart! I love your yarn. Unforgettable is my favorite. Would be a blessing to win. I have 4 daughters and I love crocheting things for them. Christmas is coming soon so I’ve already started making some of their gifts. Have a blessed day!

  16. Maria

    Happy 80th!!! You’re only 6 years older than I am. I love your yarns. They are dependably consistent in color, plies, and content. Your baby yarn is the best! Congratulations on 80 years of serving the knitting and crocheting community!!!

  17. Christina Garcia

    Red Heart Yarns have been a part of my life since forever. Whenever I have wanted to try a new fiber craft, I have always turned to Red Heart for fibers, ideas, instructions and of course, patterns. Hoping Red Heart is around for another 80 years! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Jennie Jacobs

    I wish I could spend as much time using your product as I really want to.

  19. Ann Kinderknecht

    Red Heart is older than me! I have used this yarn since learning to knit and crochet since I was 13….now at 57, still use it! Love it. Can’t wait to try out the new yarns. Congratulations on 80 years…!!!

  20. Karen Barnes

    I use Red Heart Wool all the time Love It.Happy 80th !!!!!! Thank You

  21. Asmath

    Congratz for ur 80th anniversary.. To me redheart is the no1 yarn in terms of quality and texture.. But sadly in india we get it in less quantity.. Mostly i order online only.. I always follow ur page and enter all the giveaways from ur site.. But i haven’t got picked up any in the past.. Lets see whether im lucky enough for ur 80th year celebration atleast.. Hope u celebrate a lot more years in the future.. All the crocheters and knitters love ur yarns.. Keep up this good quality till last.. 👍

    A fan from india… 😊

  22. Michelle Chua

    Congratulations on turning 80. You are as old as and as inspirational as my Mum.

  23. Vicki M

    Congrats on 80 yrs!! I’ve been using your yarns for at least 49 of those years. You guys have the best yarns & the most reasonably priced too!!

  24. Patty Oneal

    I have always used red heart I make afghans and stocking caps for the veterans along with making my grandchildren some items being on a budget since my husband passed away but I buy when I can. Just let me say congratulations on 80 years.

  25. Elaine

    Congratulations on turning 80. Also a Happy Birthday to me.
    We are each getting better with age.

  26. flash

    This is so generous congratuiations on 80 years. I love Red Heart Yarms the first brand i bought when i started crocheting 2yrs ago

  27. Colleen

    Just curious as to why the winners list hasn’t been updated in a while. Congrats on 80 years! Red heart is my preferred yarn for most my projects!

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Colleen, Thank you for your question. As noted in the blog post, we choose winners every Tuesday for the previous week. So tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20) we will select the winners from September 13-19. The list is updated after we choose the winners.

      • Emilee Manley

        Hi, I am also noticing the same problem. Neither the blog nor the list will update, unless I post a comment use the blog link on the Red Heart site.

  28. lori pierce

    Love your yarn! Use it all the time for my crochet projects.

  29. Catherine Casas

    Love your yarn! I learned to crochet in high school (1963) I love making little Christmas ornaments for my grandchildren and their classmates and I include the teachers, too! Baby blankets is another one of my favorites!

  30. Patricia

    I have used Red Heart for so long that I cannot remember when I started to use it. I know when I learned to knit and crochet my grandmother gave me Red Heart and said it was the best and I used it ever since. Red Heart has every type of yarns and colors for anything you wish to craft so why look elsewhere when you have the best. I am 85 years old and in all the years I have used it, it has never let me down.

  31. Halena

    Being Australian I have only been using red heart this year. The colours are gorgeous and the quality is fantastic. Here’s to another 80 years!

  32. Deanna Tate

    80 years, can you believe it?! It’s amazing that you were already 30 when I started crocheting. I remember the small skeins we use to get. My mom always said she wished they were bigger and now not only are they bigger but they are softer and come in a variety of colors and textures that just boggle the mind! I’m so happy to have been a part of your success, as a customer! I’ve always been a Red Heart fan, you guys are awesome!!!

  33. Erica fesperman

    Thank you red heart, and happy 80th
    I have been using only your yarn since I learned to crochet 26 years ago,

  34. Jessie

    Will the “winner’s list” be updated anytime soon?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Jessie,

      We update the winner’s list every Tuesday.

        • redheart Post author

          Hi Jessie, Yes, that is the correct list. We update it each Tuesday, including today. If it is not updating for you, we suggest clearing your cache. If you don’t know how to do it, you can do an internet search to get directions for how to do it with your browser.

  35. Nancy Rodrigue

    Hi! I love your yarn and your patterns. I am currently crocheting the Duster. I have a question about the contest. I “think” my name is listed on November 11th, but I haven’t received any word yet. Perhaps not receiving word indicates that it isn’t me… lol. Is there any way to verify? Thank you! Nancy R.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Nancy, Thanks for checking! It is another Nancy with a different last name that also begins with R.

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