A Little Snow(man) in July

From guest blogger Joan Barnett

I admit to loving snowmen. I collect them in all shapes and sizes. I have ceramic snowmen, a yarn ball snowman holding an old wooden spool of Dual Duty thread, a dog snowman-you get the picture, I have a collection. Some stay out all year and some only come out at Christmas time.

I was walking through the yarn area the other day on my way to a meeting and spotted a knit snowman made from Red Heart Super Saver. I was charmed by his knit in sweater, scarf and hat. He even had a knit carrot nose! I think I mentioned that I love snowmen but I also love small knit things and I wondered what would happen if I made my snowman from sock yarn?


I followed the pattern as it was written using Heart & Sole sock yarn and US size 1 double point needles. I improvised a bit on the sweater. The original is done completely in seed stitch but I wanted to give my snowman a sweater with a little more detail so I added cables. There are a million ways to customize his sweater, I might make the next one a striped sweater in my school colors.


WARNING: If you are offended by nudity, don’t look at the next picture, which is a nude snowman!


I liked the way the designer wrote the instructions for assembling the snowman by stuffing him as you go. It made the finishing so much easier!


Here he is with one arm done and the second on the needles. The other snowmen in progress were my versions of the original pattern but smaller. Did I mention I like miniature things? I cut the pattern down sort of the same way you would cut down a recipe.


Here is my finished little snowman all ready to give his friend a Christmas present. His hat and scarf were made in color 3934 Sorbet.

Here are the 4 snowmen I made, each a little smaller than the one before. The finished heights without the hats are: original pattern in sock yarn 7”, mini snowman 6 ¼” and the tiny snowmen 5”. The original in Super Saver was 12 ½” tall.


The mini snowman (with a wreath) has his sweater knit in a Twisted Stitch pattern as a pullover eliminating the front opening.  His hat and scarf were made in color 3936 Bayou.

I knit the smallest snowmen’s sweaters separately as cardigans and stuffed the arms. The tiny one on the left has a long toboggan hat folded folded over with a tassel. His hat and sweater were made in color 3931 Victorian. The one on the right has a cute little cap with a lace scarf. His hat, sweater, and scarf were made with yarn from my stash.