A Stitch-cation to Remember

This past summer was an incredible one to remember with crocheters across the globe. Stitch-cation, The Crochet Crowd Challenge, launched July 1st and finished on Sept 1st, 2014, was a tremendous triumph for crocheters.

The premise of Stitch-cation was to teach crocheters stitches and to exercise personal creativity with few guidelines.

The Game Plan

Mikey gave ten different squares as seen in the Checkerboard Textures Throw that was released earlier this year. Mikey changed the game plan, instructing crocheters to do two squares of each of the squares. A minimum of eight colors had to be used in the afghan.

Video tutorials were included for both right- and left-handed crocheters so that everyone could participate.

As the summer progressed, more and more afghans were submitted–each reflecting the unique thought process and and colors of its creator. Some used the project to hack into their yarn stashes while others were very meticulous with their color selections.

By the middle of the summer, some of the afghans submitted had really interesting coloring and pictorial features using the same stitches. Crocheters figured out how to make the afghans tell a story even though the creators were required to change up the stitches–it was stunning!

By the end of the challenge, 730 afghans were submitted–each of them deserving of a blue ribbon. We know that many people really pushed their own creativity and learned new stitches along the way.

The gallery of submissions is open for everyone to see, so grab a cup of tea and GET INSPIRED! (Afghans are arranged in alphabetical order).

Get the Free Patterns & Video Tutorials HERE.

We look forward to seeing what Mikey will be up to next! He has more challenges planned, including a Red Heart-inspired Mystery Challenge!

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  1. Marie

    Loved doing the Stitch-cation as it was the first blanket I have ever finished- and in less than 2 months. Now trying the Checkerboard Textures Throw!

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