The Adventures of Gnora & Gnorbert — Gname the Gnomes

We have only a few short weeks to go before Gnora and Gnorbert will be showing off their new babies.  They will be having a boy and a girl.  They can’t make the announcement to the world without names, so we need boy and girl gnome names.  

Gnorbert and Gnora have been so busy preparing for the double arrival, they haven’t thought about names.  Everyone needs a name, so we are asking all of you to help out!  Leave a comment below with your name suggestions.  Remember, we need one for a boy and one for a girl.  These are mythical creatures so we want you to have fun with this.  Go crazy, let’s see how creative everyone can be.

  • How to participate:  Comment below
  • Deadline:   List your names by November 14, 2012


We will be sending out the birth annoucement  as soon as the twins arrive!

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