The Adventures of Gnorbert the Gnome – Meeting Gnora

Earlier this year we introduced you to Gnorbert the Gnome and his travels. He visited shows, the Coats & Clark Mill, took a few road trips and even a vacation. Even though he was having a wonderful time traveling around meeting all the wonderful yarn people, we was still missing something. While at one of those shows, something special happened, he met his mate Gnora. A little shy at first, he did sneak a kiss when he thought no one was looking. Gnora has agreed to join Gnorbert on his adventures in 2012. Do I see a romance in the making?

         GnorbertGnoraRedHeart        GnorbertGnoraKiss


Let’s go back to the beginning and introduce you to the Creator of Gnora & Gnorbert, KJ Hay.  She has always had a love for designing toys and critters. Her affection for gnomes began with her grandmother, listening to her stories of the *wee* people who lived at the bottom of the garden.

KJ jumped at the opportunity to create Gnorbert, then Gnora …. Who knows what will happen in 2012.

Join us in 2012 for the Adventures of Gnora & Gnorbert.