The Adventures of Gnorbert the Gnome with the Red Heart Family in Georgia

A little R & R is good for everyone, including Gnorbert, but now his millvacation has come to an end and he is off on another adventure.  I can’t wait to hear about this one … he’s visiting with the employees that work at our Mill in Albany, GA. 

AlvinGnorbert made a trip to the Coats & Clark mill in Albany, Georgia. While there, he met our yarn wizard Alvin Pettit, Quality Control & Product Development Manager.  Hmmm, I think I see a slight resemblance!  After almost 28 years of creating and spinning quality yarns for Red Heart, Alvin has decided to hand over the baton with all his yarn wizardry and retire to spend more time with his family.  He truly is a yarn wizard and will be missed … we love you Alvin.

Leaving the mill, back on the road again, Gnorbert came across a watermelon patch in Cordele, Georgia. Gnorbert found out that Cordele is the watermelon capital of Georgia. Quick visit and he was back on the road again.watermelon


Make one of your own and take him along on your summer travels. He’s also lots of fun to take shopping …Gnorbert the Gnome. Post your photos on our Red Heart Facebook page!