The Adventures of Gnorbert the Gnome with the Red Heart Family at a Photo Shoot

Gnorbert has been busy traveling and meeting fascinating people.  Recently he made a visit to the photo shoot for the Special Olympics athletes to help them kick off the scarf making for the 2012 games.  He decided to hop into a picture with his new friends.

gnome_SO_scarf_00004He had so much fun at the photography studio that he decided to go along when Red Heart photographed the upcoming Christmas projects.  He wanted a photo under the tree, so someone might make him as a present. He’s been told that what he saw at the shoot is “top secret” and not to spill the beans about all the new and wonderful Christmas items coming your way!


Make one of your own and take him along on your summer travels. He’s also lots of fun to take shopping …Gnorbert the Gnome. Post your photos on our Red Heart Facebook page!