The Adventures of Gnorbert the Gnome with the Red Heart Family

We love our Red Heart gnome, Gnorbert. It’s been fun to take him places and spread our Red Heart love with others.  Like all of us, we need a vacation periodically to recharge and so does Gnorbert.  He’s been so busy on his adventures with the Red Heart family over the past few months; he’s taking a short vacation at my house, re-energizing and relaxing in my garden.  


As Gnorbert and I started our road trip to my house, I secured him in his seat so he could see out the window.  I used my Red Heart bag as a booster seat and fastened the seat belt …


We couldn’t resist stopping at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard … and we met Rachel.

GnorbertDQ      GnorbertDQWomen

After we made it home, Gnorbert found several places to rest and enjoy his surroundings.

GnorbertGreen      GnorbertFlowers2

This is where I spend most of the summer … enjoying the various flower, herb and vegetable gardens I have.  I even have a couple areas where I can sit, and crochet.

Over the next few months, I’ll tell you more about all his adventures.  Gnorbert sure gets around!  Next Friday you’ll hear about his visit to the Coats & Clark mill in Albany, Georgia … where he met Alvin, the Red Heart yarn wizard.

Make one of your own and take him along on your summer travels. Gnorbert the Gnome.  Post your photos on our Red Heart Facebook page!