Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 3

medium_wr1739_0 I have to admit, setting aside one night a week to work on a project has been so much fun and productive for me. It’s helped me to stay focused on one project until it’s finished.  I’ve completed Granny Ottoman Cover, Lacy Accent Doily, and for week 3 I’m going to work on Crochet Natural Stripes Rug for the patio. As with many things I stitch when following a pattern, I’m changing the colors and the yarn, adding my own touch. I’m going to use a combination of Super Saver colors, going with a larger hook, and maybe 3 strands of yarn. I have lots of yarn stashed in my *craft room*, so it’s time for a clean out! Now I can make room for more yarn (as if I really need more yarn), but I never can have enough! Don’t tell me I’m alone here, I know you probably have yarn stashed everywhere too. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 3”

What will I make next?

I’ve just finished my Granny Ottoman Cover and I just love looking at it in my living room every day. Next project? Hum, I have a bunch of unfinished things, but I seriously want to make something new. I want to have new balls of yarn and start from the beginning. It’s so much more fun! Granny Square crochet  is really what I want to do — so easy, and so meditative. I also know someone who is having a baby soon, so I looked for a granny square baby blanket and came up with the Granny Blanket Crochet Pattern made in Super Saver.  I think I’ll make mine with 5 or 6 colors and I’m trying to choose unisex colors as the blanket is going to a baby of unknown sex. I like greens, ivory and some pretty turquoise shades of blue. Great! I can go home tonight and START! Continue reading “What will I make next?”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge


We are all so busy with our jobs, families and day to day lives, many of us don’t have enough down time…I’m one of those people. I have given myself one night a week to sit, rest, listen to some music, watch TV and stitch. Wednesday is a great day…it’s the middle of the week and American Idol is on (a popular show in my house). I get to listen to great music while watching TV and stitching all at the same time! I’m one of those people who can’t sit for any length of time without having something in my hands. I’ll bet I’m not alone, am I? Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge”

Sampler Throw Crochet Along Follow-Up

We’ve been working on our Sampler Throw Crochet Along for the past 5 weeks, posting a different block each week. How-To video’s on YouTube for each of the five blocks are now posted, as well as a video with a few tips on sewing your blocks together. We haven’t set a deadline or completion date on this project, so everyone could work at their own pace. We continue to have more and more joining us each day, so grab your hooks and yarn and let’s keep stitching. You can use any Red Heart yarn and colors of your choice. I have selected 10 different colors of Eco-Ways yarns for my throw, and am making it large enough to cover the bed, so I’ll be working on mine a while longer. Continue reading “Sampler Throw Crochet Along Follow-Up”