Two Techniques, One Great Brioche Fabric

Brioche ribbing fabric has a beautiful drape and can create stunning color effects when utilizing two colors.

The history of the brioche knit stitch is a little obscure, but a description of it appears as early as the mid-19th century in The Handbook of Needlework written by Francis Lambert in 1846.  In this edition of her work, Miss Lambert details the technique of working brioche knitting and says that it is good to use for “sleeves, comforters, petticoats, night socks, linings for foot baskets, quilts, cradle covers and various other purposes.”

Miss Lambert then details how to knit “A Brioche” which is a puffed, stuffed tufted pillow of about 8 inches across and a few inches high and resembles “the well known french cake of that kind.”

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How to Fix a Hole in Your Knitting with Embroidery

You worked on that project for hours. It was used and loved but now you’ve found a hole! Never fear. You can fix a hole!

There are a lot of techniques that can be used to fix a hole in your hand knitting, but we’re going to focus on the 2 techniques most related to knit stitches. Both techniques are a way of creating duplicate stitch over the offending hole.

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