Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

Can’t believe where this year has gone…did you know it’s only 60 days ‘til Christmas?  I’m in the south, we still have temperatures in the 80’s during the day, flowers and vegetables are still growing and I’m sitting on the patio thinking about what to make for the holidays. This is always a fun time around my house. Several years ago I decided our tree would be decorated with hand made items.  Except for the lights & those few special gifts I’ve received over the years, everything is handmade with love. First thing I’m working on are the decorations for the tree. Continue reading “Christmas is Right Around the Corner!”

2011 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project

Calling all knitters and crocheters! Pull out your needles and hooks for the 2011 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project sponsored by Red Heart. The 2011 Official Colors are Red Heart Super Saver Yarns 886-Blue and Red Heart Super Saver Yarns 512-Turqua. The colors as well as the size (6″ x 54″-60″) of the scarves will be the same for all participating Programs in the 2011 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project. You can purchase the yarn online at

Continue reading “2011 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project”

Yarn can be fun and entertaining too!

Have you all noticed how much knitting, crochet and yarn references keep appearing on TV? This just goes to show how popular knitting and crocheting are right now. My recent fave was on the live episode of 30 Rock where Jack was trying to give up drinking and decided to take up knitting to occupy him. The shot showed a basket of untouched yarn and needles. In the next scene, they show Jack wearing a finished red poncho that he knit in the time since we last saw him. It made me laugh! See the live episode  Continue reading “Yarn can be fun and entertaining too!”