DIY Pompom Earrings for Less

When this link was sent around the office, our chins hit our desks when we saw these pompom earrings were selling for $75! I knew there was a more affordable (and fun) way to add these cute accessories to everyone’s jewlery collection. These earrings work up in a flash and could be great gifts this holiday season. Grab your favorite colors of yarn and get crafting!

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December Doily of the Month

Welcome to the December Doily of the Month! Each month in 2016 we have shared a new doily pattern for you to make in Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread. We challenged the top doily designers to create innovate designs that coordinate with the feeling of each month. Plus, every month we select five winners to receive an Aunt Lydia’s prize pack.

For December, we have the Party Doily Coasters. These cheerful coasters can be made in holiday colors as shown, or change up the colors to match your home or other special occasions.

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Cabled Hats 3 Colorful Ways

If you live where you have winter weather, or if you are planning a trip to the mountains or northern city (like me), you’ll be happy to have a cabled hat…knit or crochet it, the choice is yours! Our designer, Edie Eckman, has chosen With Love yarn which is cozy and soft, never scratchy. I love the tan and blue shades that Edie used for our photographed hats. But With Love comes in a full range of over 40 wonderful shades.

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Beginners Guide to Picking Up Stitches

Picking up stitches is a technique used to add on new pieces of knit fabric to a project without a seam (and fantastic technique for those of us who prefer seamless knits).  There are lots of applications for picking up stitches, from sweater cuffs to mitered blankets!

There are almost as many techniques used to pick up stitches as there are applications of those techniques; in this blog post will focus on (what I consider to be) the most visually attractive and functional way to pick up stitches.  This is slightly different from “pick up and knit.”  Once you master this technique you will likely find that, even if you experiment with other techniques, you usually revert back to this tried and true method.  The method of picking up stitches by adding on a new ball of yarn can be done with stockinette and garter knit fabric.  It can also be used to pick up stitches vertically or horizontally without much variation.

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Guide to Surface Crochet Embroidery

Surface crochet is a technique for adding embroidery-style designs to your crochet work. There are a few different ways to work surface crochet, the most common of which is with the slip stitch. In this technique, you create a row of slip stitches on the surface of your crochet fabric by pulling loops through from the back of the fabric to the front in the shape of the pattern that you want to design on the front of the work. This article shares how to work this type of crochet. The Mandala Sampler Throw free crochet pattern is used as a reference. Examples of and links to other patterns using the technique can be found at the bottom of the post.

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