Tips on Working with Scrubby

Red Heart Scrubby yarn is a textured worsted weight yarn named for the fact that it is well-suited to making knit and crochet dishcloths. Although you can craft dishcloths with other yarn types (most popularly cotton yarn), scrubby is made to actually “scrub” those pots and pans more quickly. It also works as a washcloth with a spa-like exfoliating feel. Scrubby is a polyester yarn so it works a little bit differently than cotton (including drying more quickly). If you have never used it before, you might have some questions about it, so here are our tips for working with Scrubby. Continue reading “Tips on Working with Scrubby”

Bilingual Crafter Yolanda Soto-Lopez

If you like to learn crafts from YouTube videos, you’ve probably heard of Yolanda Soto-Lopez and her All Crafts Channel. Yolanda has been filming and publishing English and Spanish video tutorials for crafts for a few years now. She started her videos to help the women in her church stitching group learn new skills, and just used her laptop camera and household lamps. Now she has a dedicated studio area with an overhead camera and strong lighting, so her videos are clear and easy to see.

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June Doily of the Month

Welcome to the June Doily of the Month! Each month in 2016 we will share a new doily pattern for you to make in Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread. We challenged the top doily designers to create innovate designs that coordinate with the feeling of each month. Plus, every month we will select five winners to receive an Aunt Lydia’s prize pack.

For June, we have the Scalloped Round Doily. This doily would be perfect as a centerpiece at a wedding, as it is made in soft neutral colors in a classic style.

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