Cro-Shayley makes a Fish and Fisherman Hat

Cro-Shayley makes a Fish and Fisherman Hat

Bait outfitAny fishing lovers out there? My mom gave my son these adorable baby fisherman overalls and when I opened the gift all I could think about was how cute some baby photography could be! I decided to whip up a fisherman hat so I search Red Heart’s free patterns to find the perfect one. I made this last fall but wanted to share it with you now, since it’s the perfect time to make your own! Continue reading “Cro-Shayley makes a Fish and Fisherman Hat”

Donna’s Dozen Hop Into Easter Patterns

My favorite time of year will soon be here. Everything from pastel colors, trees and flowers in bloom, warmer weather, Easter egg hunts to bunnies. Yes, bunnies! While searching for the top Easter projects I realized they had a lot of really cute bunny patterns. Bunnies happen to be one of my favorite animals, right behind my dogs. I also found that they have adorable Easter hats, slippers, an 18” doll frock and decorations for your home. I have put together a dozen patterns to get you in the mood for a hippity hoppity Easter!
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Donna’s Dozen Free Throw Madness

Let me start out by saying I love sports, but a month of it is a little too much. In March our family room TV is on basketball, nothing else. I decided a long time ago to make this my time to retreat to another room and create something special for myself or for a gift. Since I have a full month with no interruptions I usually would tackle a throw before the weather turns warm.
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Ultimate Guide to Join-As-You-Go Crochet

Join-as-you-go crochet (also known as JAYGO) is important to add to your repertoire of crochet techniques if you love to make items from lots of small motifs but don’t enjoy the end stage of the project when you have to join the motifs and weave in all of those ends. With JAYGO, the motifs are all joined along the way, and although there are some ends to weave in, you can handle a lot of them as you go so that the finishing stage of the project is only a small part of the process. JAYGO is also great for people who like to take their projects with them on the go and don’t want to worry about losing motifs in the shuffle!

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Precious Puppies 3 Colorful Ways

When the precious grey knit puppy arrived from designer Michele Wilcox, we knew by the reaction of everyone that he was going to be popular. The people in the office wanted to touch the soft Fur and cuddle our lovable fella. His small size and endearing personality allows him to go along with you, where ever. And he’s washable, so he can be given a bath when he needs it.

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