Cro-Shayley makes Baby Halloween Monster Pants

Cro-Shayley makes Baby Halloween Monster Pants

What’s your little one going to dress up as for Halloween? If you haven’t decided, maybe this pattern will help seal the deal. ;) My son is crawling all over the place, pulling himself up and occasionally taking a few steps. I thought how cute it would be to crochet him some pants and stitch a monster face on his bottom using Red Heart Reflective yarn. Yall know I love this yarn and infant pants with designs on the bottom are super cute so I just had to try this! Watch what happens when you take a flash photo. ;) Continue reading “Cro-Shayley makes Baby Halloween Monster Pants”

Cro-Shayley makes a Laptop Cozy

Cro-Shayley makes a Laptop Cozy

Are you in need of a cover for your laptop, tablet or a similar sized electronic device? I use my laptop quite often, taking it from room to room in my house, using it in the kitchen while cooking, in the living room while crocheting and in my bedroom catching up on emails, paying bills and browsing the web. I decided, since I take full advantage of it’s “wireless” mobility then I should probably make a cover for it (for its safety from my almost-walking 1 year old). ;)  Continue reading “Cro-Shayley makes a Laptop Cozy”

Marly Bird’s YarnThing Podcast

Did you know that the talented Marly Bird, who does our great knit and crochet tutorial videos, also hosts a podcast? The YarnThing podcast connects knitters and crocheters, and it is live every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am Mountain Time. Marly interviews designers, authors, and other people in the yarn industry that you might be excited to hear from. Plus, every show has prizes!

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Handmade Gifts from the Heart

Do you have that one person on your gift list that is so hard to buy for and on top of that, they have EVERYTHING! There is one thing that they do not own and that is a handmade, one-of-a-kind gift from you. Not only will this be a gift from the heart, it will be a gift from someone they love. Most people know how much work goes into a handmade gift so it is appreciated that much more. Personally it gives me a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of happiness to see their enjoyment. That is my gift to me.
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Interview with Designer Frank O’Randle

The Internet is a marvelous thing — it never ceases to amaze me. I first became aware of Frank O'Randle when I joined a crochet-a-long on Facebook,and someone posted a link to Frank's Facebook page. While browsing on his page I noticed Frank's designs had a very unique look to them. Because of the colors he uses, his afghans seem to have a 3-D quality to them, and they just pop off the page. It's as if you are viewing them under black light, although no black light is needed. His designs are exquisite.

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FREE Merry eBook: Decorate and Celebrate!

Now is the time to get your making merry thoughts together and start stitching gifts and decorations that will create a warm, festive home this holiday season. When I was young, I thought you didn’t need to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. But over the years it has become very evident that if I am going to enjoy the holidays, it’s necessary to start early with my stitching projects.

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Donna’s Dozen Throw Back 70’s Style

I wish I had the space to keep every bit of clothing from every decade because styles are always making a comeback. Everywhere I look I see the 70’s. Luckily the avocado and gold kitchens did not return in the home dec area. I searched the site and found some great retro patterns. The only thing is you will need to find a place to store them because in 30 or 40 years these fashion statements will return.
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