Cro-Shayley makes a Bloomin' Headband and Dress Up Booties

Cro-Shayley makes a Bloomin’ Headband and Dress-Up Booties

Do you know a sweet little girl that a flower headband would just look adorable on? What about a pair of dress-up booties? Ohhh do I have the perfect patterns for you! Using Red Heart Soft Baby Steps, I made this set for my new friend, Macie, who was born recently to some dear friends of mine!

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Welcome to the Blog Hop Crochet Along

from guest blogger Maria Bittner of Pattern Paradise

I’m so excited to announce that a couple of friends and I have partnered with Red Heart Yarn to sponsor the 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop Crochet-Along (CAL)!

How does it work?

Each Friday, starting in early September, we’ll be posting a new free pattern with a holiday theme. The projects vary in size and type and yarn usage so that you can have lots of fun, learn a little and have some great home décor, holiday gifts and practical projects too. And, it will all end in early December so you have lots of time to use your projects for this holiday season!

Thanks to Red Heart Yarn, we will be hosting a Weekly Yarn Giveaway (value $50) so that you can try some of their new and featured yarns! And, at the end, we’ll have a Grand Prize Giveaway (value $125) too!

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August Featured Throw of the Month

Welcome to the August Featured Throw of the Month! This month we have the Southwestern Rainbow Throw made in Super Saver. Each month we will have a new themed throw as a featured free pattern. Each throw will have a tip or two in the blog, as well as a giveaway to win the yarn to make the throw. Keep reading for the tip and to access the giveaway! Use the hashtag #throwmonth to talk about the series.

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Cro-Shayley makes the Merry Go Round Teddy Bear

Cro-Shayley makes the Merry-Go-Round Teddy Bear

Need a big BEAR hug??? Oh man, do I have the perfect, snuggly pattern for you! I had a few skeins of Red Heart Snuggle Bunny in my yarn stash and I was dying to use it to create something soft for my new friend, Weston. Snuggle Bunny is similar to Red Heart Baby Clouds which was the yarn used to create the “oldie-but-oh-so-goodie” Merry-Go-Round Teddy Bear so I thought I’d try it. This finished teddy bear is big and I LOVE IT! Standing approximately 21” tall, longer than some newborns. :)

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Learn a Stitch, Make an Entrelac Crochet Cowl

Welcome to the eighth entry in our ongoing series Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl! Each month in 2015 we will teach you a new crochet or knit stitch. You can then use the stitch when you make the featured cowl. This month our stitch is entrelac crochet, and the cowl is the Entrelac Crochet Cowl in Boutique Treasure. Keep reading to learn the stitch and enter to win! Use the hashtag #learnstitches to talk about the series.

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Southwestern Throw Giveaway from Creativebug

Have you seen our Southwestern Rainbow Throw? Creativebug has a video class from Marly Bird and a giveaway for it!

This beautiful throw uses several different stitch patterns and changes colors frequently for a stunning project you’ll want to show off. Marly walks you through the different stitch patterns and the border, and gives you tips on dealing with all of the ends and ideas about other colorways. Watch a preview for the class!

Enter the giveaway on Creativebug!

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Cro-Shayley makes a Super Hero Outfit

Cro-Shayley makes a Super Hero Outfit

My baby boy just turned 9 months old this past weekend and I wanted to take some fun pictures of him. I searched Red Heart’s free patterns to see if I could find something to crochet that screams his personality and came across the Halloween Boy Hero pattern. AHHH!!! HOW PERFECT!

This pattern offers different sizes so for my growing 9 month old, I decided to crochet the smallest size, size 2, and use Red Heart Super Saver Royal and Hot Red yarn.

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