Learn a Stitch, Make a Checked Cowl

Welcome to the second entry in our ongoing series Learn a Stitch, Make a Cowl! Each month in 2015 we will teach you a new crochet or knit stitch. You can then use the stitch when you make the featured cowl. This month our stitch is a checked pattern, and the cowl is the Candi’s Checked Cowl in Soft. Keep reading to learn the stitch and enter to win! Use the hashtag #learnstitches to talk about the series.

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Cro-Shayley makes a Reflective Crate

Cro-Shayley makes a Reflective Crate

Reflective YarnI’m on a Red Heart Reflective Yarn kick…..I don’t know about you, but I just can’t get enough of it! Last year I made headbands for my nieces, nephew and cousins when we went on our family mountain trip (click here to read that blog) and I’m thinking about making more. The way the reflective thread woven into the yarn lights up during a flash photo just amazes me…I’m easily amused, I know. ;) Continue reading “Cro-Shayley makes a Reflective Crate”

Team Color Hats for the Big Game

Are you excited for the upcoming 2015 Super Bowl XLIX game? We are! So we designed these hat patterns for you to make to cheer on your favorite team. We have the Seahawks-inspired team hat as knit and the Patriots-inspired team hat as crochet, but you’re welcome to switch the colors so you can make a hat for the team you’re cheering on! If you’re a supporter of a different team, just change the colors.

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Snowflake Throw

January Featured Throw of the Month

Welcome to the first of our Throw of the Month series! This month’s project is the Snowflake Throw. Each month we will have a new themed throw to do. Each throw will have a tip or two in the blog, as well as a giveaway to win the yarn to make the throw. Keep reading for the tip and to access the giveaway! Use the hashtag #throwmonth to talk about the series.

Download the Snowflake Throw!

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