Pasadena Crochet Meet Up makes Red Heart’s Infinite Shells Cowl

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of introducing The Pasadena Crochet Meet Up to the beautiful Red Heart Soft yarn. The texture, the way it drapes, and the variety of colors are just amazing. Some of the group members opted to use Red Heart Super Saver for this project and it worked out just as well.

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Donna’s Dozen Charming Cowls

I wish that I could tell you that I am up on all the current styles and I know what everyone is wearing, but I can’t. I have a secret weapon, a college age daughter who lets me know what’s hot and trendy. She also feels free to let me know what I should and should not wear.

I can tell you that she will only accessorize with cowls, no scarf for her. Over the summer she brought me four scarves that someone had given her and asked me to sew the ends together and make them cowls. I understand it because they are stylish, warm, sensible and they won’t fall off.

In honor of the colder temperatures I wanted to bring you a variety of cowls. At we have so many different styles to choose from. We have short, long, wide, twisted, dressed up or dressed down and even finger crocheted cowls. Please enjoy my dozen picks, but check out our website for other free knit and crochet patterns and so much more.

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Red Heart Lovers Group on Ravelry Knit and Crochet Along

Ravelry logoWe at Red Heart are so proud to know that there are groups formed to come together and support each other through tough projects, offer encouragement, share their knowledge and even their yarn stashes. One of those groups is the Red Heart Lovers Group on Ravelry. They have been busy putting together an exciting Knit and Crochet Along for the month of October. If you are a beginner or just need some knit and crochet friends you should check out this group. See below for more information:

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