Introducing Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting Needles

We are excited to share with you the news of a brand new product. Susan Bates introduces Tipping Points™ the innovative new knitting needle that provides the only interchangeable tip on the market. This patent-pending product features point profices that can be quickly interchanged to meet the demands of a wide variety of yarn textures, fibers and twists.  Continue reading “Introducing Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting Needles”

Love the Project, Make it Your Own! By Guest Blogger Donna Stinson

When I see a project that I feel like making the first thing that I think about is what color would look good in my house or for the person I may give it to. I also look at how much time it will take. I work full-time, have two busy children, three dogs and a husband so my time is limited. I do love to make these wonderful creations so I usually look for easy, fast and beautiful projects. Continue reading “Love the Project, Make it Your Own! By Guest Blogger Donna Stinson”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 5, Week 4

I’m absolutely in love with our Boutique yarns, including Boutique Treasure. I love the feel of the yarns and the beautiful color changes. This week I’m knitting the Ripple on the Side Scarf. My best friend’s birthday is approaching and she loves knit scarves, so this is the perfect item to make. The picture shows color 1901 Mosaic, but I’m using 1923 Tapestry for my scarf because I think it matches the colors of her clothes better.RippleOnSideScarf Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 5, Week 4”

Red Heart’s Featured Glamorous Mom Wreath of the Month – May

Enter to Win the Wreath of the Month!

There will be 3 lucky people who will win the yarn, needles and hooks to make this month’s wreath.

Red Heart will be featuring a new wreath project every month in 2013!  It will include a free pattern for the particular wreath and some tips and photos for assembly  from the designer Sahrit Freud-Weinstein.

PLUS get a May Wreath Calendar that you can print out to keep track of important dates.


May’s wreath of the month free pattern is the Glamorous Mom Wreath.

Create a lasting symbol of your love and give Mom a wreath with knit flowers (rather than giving flowers that will only be around a few days). This modern wreath is fashioned with metallic yarn and curly decorations for your glamorous Mom!






Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 5, Week 3

Independence Day will be here before we know it, so I’m getting a head start on decorating by crocheting this Statue of Liberty Pillow. I’m starting to make a pillow with a blue background, as shown in the picture, but I may also make one with a red background to have a matching set. The original color in Super Saver, 885 Delft Blue, doesn’t match my decor, so I’ll be using 886 Blue instead. For the red I’ll use 319 Cherry Red. I think they’ll look cute on my patio chairs. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 5, Week 3”