Red Heart’s 9 Months of Baby Projects Month 4

Welcome to Month 4 of Red Heart’s 9 Months of Baby Projects. This month we bring you an adorable Color Block Cardi to make for your special baby made with Red Heart Baby Sheen. Perfectly in fashion, this cute little colorblocked cardigan sports a designer look for baby’s active day.  We hope you love it as much as we do! Download the Color Block Cardi Free Pattern Today. Continue reading “Red Heart’s 9 Months of Baby Projects Month 4”

Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s Fruity Sandals

Are you and your newborn heading to a pool party anytime soon?  Do you have a friend that’s expecting that loves the beach or lake?  A good college friend of mine is due to have a precious little girl in July and I’m attending her baby shower this weekend.  She frequently has weekend getaways to the lake and when I saw the Fruity Sandals in the July/August issue of Crochet Today, I most certainly had to make them for her!
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NEW Filigree & Sashay Metallics are here!

Boutique FiligreeLW3509 is a unique woven fabric strip that can be knit or crocheted like a yarn. Filigree has a track that you can work with just like Sashay to make a beautiful ruffled scarf with just one hank. Another way to use Filigree is to cut it into strips and knit or crochet to join them together to make a one of a kind knit scarf or this wrap and go shawl. Let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are endless! Available in 7 gorgeous shades, you are sure to find the perfect shade for you.

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Introducing Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting Needles

We are excited to share with you the news of a brand new product. Susan Bates introduces Tipping Points™ the innovative new knitting needle that provides the only interchangeable tip on the market. This patent-pending product features point profices that can be quickly interchanged to meet the demands of a wide variety of yarn textures, fibers and twists.  Continue reading “Introducing Susan Bates Tipping Points Knitting Needles”

Love the Project, Make it Your Own! By Guest Blogger Donna Stinson

When I see a project that I feel like making the first thing that I think about is what color would look good in my house or for the person I may give it to. I also look at how much time it will take. I work full-time, have two busy children, three dogs and a husband so my time is limited. I do love to make these wonderful creations so I usually look for easy, fast and beautiful projects. Continue reading “Love the Project, Make it Your Own! By Guest Blogger Donna Stinson”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 5, Week 4

I’m absolutely in love with our Boutique yarns, including Boutique Treasure. I love the feel of the yarns and the beautiful color changes. This week I’m knitting the Ripple on the Side Scarf. My best friend’s birthday is approaching and she loves knit scarves, so this is the perfect item to make. The picture shows color 1901 Mosaic, but I’m using 1923 Tapestry for my scarf because I think it matches the colors of her clothes better.RippleOnSideScarf Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 5, Week 4”