Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3, Week 3

If I ever needed a break from all things around me, it’s today!  I’ve been running here and there for a week now, but I always have a project bag with.  Today is my day … no one asking me to run them somewhere, I’m not cooking today, just tuning out all that’s around me and I’m going to enjoy the entire afternoon and evening (by myself) knitting.  I’m still working on Kate’s Shawl so I’ll be working on that again tonight.  I’m headed to the Stitches South event in Georgia in a couple of weeks and I hope to have it finished by then.  Today I’ll be listening to some soothing music…you know, that kind that *just takes you away*, loving the beautiful weather, sitting outside on the patio and enjoying my garden and nature.  SO.….. what’s up with everyone else today? Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3, Week 3”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3, Week 2

Hi friends! Wednesday is finally here.  I’ve had a few hectic days since we last got together.  Life never seems to get any easier, it’s always one issue after another. You just need to learn to not sweat the small stuff or overthink things.  My escape is my quiet time for knitting or crochet.  I’ve been working on crochet hats since last week and was able to make 5 of them.   I started out making a beach hat for my g-grandson, then another, and one for his mom, then I made a couple of garden hats for myself. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3, Week 2”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3

Guess what day it is?  Wednesday … you know what that means?  It’s time for the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge.  Welcome back to Season 3 of the WNSC.  My life hasn’t gotten any easier and I have even less time for myself.  No matter what is going on or how crazy things get, Wednesday is the one night I take for myself.  It’s the middle of the week; I can catch my breath, unwind, relax, listen to music or catch up on TV programs. Plus, I get to work on a project and hang out with all of you and discuss things we are stitching.  Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 3”

Gnorberts Excellent Adventure

Last Fall while on one of his adventures, Gnorbert met a special lady named Gnora.  They quickly became inseparable and began traveling and enjoying being together. They spent the holidays together and talked about the new year to come.  Gnorbert the Gnome knew he had found his mate, Gnora the Gnome.  He knew this was the gnome of his dreams and was going to spend his life with her.  He went to work Gnora my pearl, will you marry me?”  She said YES!

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Free eBook: Head to Toe Accessories

From-Head-to-Toe-Young-to-Old-26-Knit-and-Crochet-Accessories-eBook-1We’ve put together an eBook collection of designs to warm you and yours! From Head to Toe, Young to Old can be saved for you to refer to whenever you need a gift or are looking for the perfect small-commitment project. Actually, I wanted to wait and tell you about this on Earth Day in April, because I think it’s such a good idea to keep patterns digitally on my computer, rather than adding to my many shelves of books. But I couldn’t keep this a secret until Earth Day. These are projects you’ll want to know about now—ideas for your whole family, gifts for your circle of friends, scarves, shawls and hats for yourself, really a good selection of accessories for all.

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