From Store to Stitches Handmade Fashion

As the New Year begins, I’ve been thinking a lot about making vs. buying.
I’d al
ways rather make what I’m wearing than buy it, so I hit the search button and started making a list of pretty things I’d like to be wearing this year.  Turns out, it’s a BIG list! To narrow it down, I went to my closet, to figure out what pieces I most need and settled on a sweater or two, and a few scarves, my favorite accessory!  Then I went to our pattern search, to find similar pieces to what I found in the online shops. I found our Cuff-to-Cuff Sweater. I’m planning on making it with Treasure yarn, in the Mosaic color way, I love blues & greens! The sleeves will also end up being longer, perfect for being cozy on the weekends! Continue reading “From Store to Stitches Handmade Fashion”

Super Scarves for the Super Bowl

When you watch the Super Bowl on February 5th in Indianapolis, you might catch people wearing blue and white scarves. These were made and collected by an initiative spearheaded by the Super Bowl Host Committee to make scarves in the Indiana Colts colors (blue and white). Two of the official colors were Super Saver 385 Royal and 311 White. The committee originally wanted to receive 8,000 scarves to give to volunteers on game day, but they have surpassed that goal with over 12,000 received to date. Continue reading “Super Scarves for the Super Bowl”

Make A Heart, Give A Heart this Valentine’s Day

Red Heart wants everyone to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with gifts made from the heart. This year we encourage all of our knitters and crocheters to Make A Heart – Give a Heart this Valentine’s Day. We have selected 18 free patterns all with hearts to give you inspiration on something to make for your loved one, family members or a charity!

Continue reading “Make A Heart, Give A Heart this Valentine’s Day”