Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 7

Rain, storms, more rain … sounds dreary doesn’t it?  Its Wednesday … let it rain! Perfect weather for sitting by the fire and stitching today.  I started working on the Dusty Snowflake Throw Crochet Along (CAL) a few weeks ago and began working on it again last night and will continue that tonight – determined to finish before the end of the year.  I call mine Midnight Snowflake Throw. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 7”

A Gift that Keeps Giving…

The Craft Yarn Council has a campaign called Each One Teach Two. The idea is that if each of us teaches just two people to knit or crochet then we can soon have the whole world sharing in the joy of using needles and hooks. I love this idea! Sharing knowledge is a gift that keeps giving. If you are getting together with family and friends this Thanksgiving, what could be nicer than spending some time enjoying yarn together. (It’s a good excuse to just sit after having a big meal.) Some of my favorite memories of childhood were those sitting next to my aunt or mother learning what to do with knitting needles and crochet hooks. How lucky we are that we may be able to give others nice cozy memories and a life of creating with yarn.
Continue reading “A Gift that Keeps Giving…”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 6

Here it is Wednesday again … YEA!!!  I’m out of town today, but I have my yarn, needles & hooks with me.  I’m looking forward to going back to my room, having the evening to myself and just watching TV and stitching away.  I’m currently working on samples for some upcoming videos, but tonight I’m putting that aside and will be working on something quick like a stocking.  Each year about this time I have numerous requests for stockings … I never seem to have enough stockings around.  Not only do I make new ones for friends and family members, I also use them as gift packages, each personalized.  I’m using the Waiting for Santa Stockings crochet pattern, it has 3 sizes of patterns. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 6”

Decorate for the holidays with yarn!

At the Stitches show in October, we decided to pull out a bunch of holiday ornaments and show them on a tree. I had a ball of red Spark-a-Doodle and decided to make a garland. Before I started, I had no idea how it would look or exactly how I was going to do it. I wrapped round and round starting at the bottom. When I got to the top, I had a good bit leftover so I thought I’d use the leftover yarn ball as a giant pom-pom to top the tree. I simply inserted the remaining ball into a branch and Voila!  The result was better than I ever imagined. Here are a few other yarn and holiday ornaments that you could use in your own 2011 decorating. Continue reading “Decorate for the holidays with yarn!”

Get Crafty for the Holidays!

Knitting and crocheting are fun, no mess pastimes. You can do them while watching television (and the person with you still thinks you are totally spending time with them). But one Saturday, I spent some time making this snowman and felt like a kid again. I based my snowman on designer Dondi Richardson’s instructions. I loved using this fun faux snow stuff that you apply onto the Styrofoam® balls sort of like paint, but thick and gloppy. The snow dried while I went shopping.  I came home and finished the whole project in just a couple hours. The Doodle yarn covers the balls and cones easily using a low temperature glue gun. I love the funny face that I clumsily painted on him. Continue reading “Get Crafty for the Holidays!”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 5

“The country habit has me by the heart!” I saw this written somewhere recently and it stuck with me. As I sit at my computer working on reports, messages, project ideas, research … etc., getting frustrated that not all things aren’t going smoothly, I walk away to think. Living in the South and in the country, I’m able to enjoy the fall while sitting outside just enjoying the view. Part of my work also involves knitting and crocheting, so when I have these *walk away moments* I’m able to enjoy the sounds of nature and fall colors while I sit and stitch.  The country habit has me today! Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 5”

Dusty Snowflake Throw Crochet Along Week 4

Here we are on week 4 of the Dusty Snowflake Crochet Along.  We have a fourth and final video on completing the throw, as well as, showing other color combinations. As you work on your throws, or complete them, we would enjoy seeing pictures of you creations, as would all of our other friends.  I’ll be enjoying a little quite time tonight and working on my throw.  I’m hoping to have this one completed by Christmas.  Who’s with me … are you working on your throw tonight? Continue reading “Dusty Snowflake Throw Crochet Along Week 4”