Annie’s Summer Love Collection

Be inspired with a collection of gorgeous new patterns from Annie’s Publishing — the Summer Love Collection. These knit and crochet patterns were created by several well-known designers, including frequent Red Heart contributor Lisa Gentry, and envisioned by Lead Designer Lena Skvagerson. The collection includes warm-weather accessories, tops, and sweaters that are perfect for summer.

Oceano Circle Vest 1

We asked Lena some questions about this beautiful collection.

Red Heart: What inspired you to go with the beach theme?
Lena Skvagerson: I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love beaches and the ocean. I am fortunate to be living on the Central coast of California for the past 9 years, and still not one day go by without me thinking about how I adore this place. When I was given the opportunity to develop the summer collection, I knew right away that the only place I could imagine shooting the collection would be here at my beaches. I want to share, not only my love for knitting and crocheting, but also my passion for where I live.

RH: How does your creative process work? Do you come up with the ideas and then the contributors execute them? Or is it a collaboration, with you and the contributors creating ideas?
LS: In the first planning phase I met in Texas with two of my experienced colleagues here at Annie’s; Kara Gott Warner (editor of Creative Knitting magazine) and Connie Ellison (Crochet Product Development Director). We draw up the ideas of what pieces we needed for a cohesive collection. We shared our design ideas, went through different yarn collections and picked yarns and colors that felt right for the theme and our visions. I went home and started the creative process, and contacted some of our favorite designers,  asking them to help us create some of the designs we had in mind. I gave them directions and sent yarn off to them, and we then worked back and forth. They all did a great job creating based on my wishes.  

RH: Which is your favorite project in the collection?
LS: What a hard question — it’s like asking which one of my kids I love the most! I do love this collection and everything about it. Every single piece and how it turned out makes me proud. I look at one piece and think it’s my absolute favorite, and then the next day I look close at another one and think that must be the best design I have ever made. One piece I am very proud of for sure is the Oceano Circle Vest that I created in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn. A circular design includes so many exciting math calculations, and it’s so much fun to see all numbers fall into place. I think it turned out so very beautiful. The way the colors blends and flows reminds me of the waves in the ocean, and it all ends with a dramatic border that symbolizes the surf breaking on the shore…. 

The gorgeous  is crocheted in the Unforgettable color Tidal — isn’t the color name perfect for this collection?

Follow the collection on Instagram @AnniesSigantureDesigns and use the hashtags #anniessummerlovecollection and #anniessiganturedesigns to discuss the collection.

The patterns are available now, and we have a special giveaway for the Oceano Circle Vest. Enter below for a chance to win the pattern plus all of the yarn you need to make it for FREE! 1 winner will be selected April 11, 2016.

Congratulations to our winner Jasmine! This giveaway is now closed.

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5 thoughts on “Annie’s Summer Love Collection

  1. Laura

    Can you find out for me if Red Heart yarn was wool in the 70’s or had they started using something else??? Need to know how to take care of my grandmither’s crocheted afghan.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Laura, The switch occurred in the 1960’s, although we were making synthetic yarns earlier than that. We made both for quite a while.

  2. Athina

    Hi! I did the grey scarf and there seems to be a mistake in the pattern. The two edges are not of the same length. I had to put less chains at the end of some of the rows so that the length is the same in both edges. As a result, the whole length was not long enough.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Athina, Which specific pattern are you talking about? If it was a pattern in the Annie’s collection, please let Annie’s Publishing know about the issue. We were not involved in the creation of the collection patterns, so we cannot correct any issues in the patterns. If it was a Red Heart pattern, we’re sorry to hear it! If you have not already, please contact Consumer Services at for pattern assistance. Using the Contact Us form ensures that your question is sent to the correct team and your question is answered.

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