Arm Knitting Video Tutorials! No needles, no problem!

Have you heard about the Arm Knitting craze that has even made front page news in the Wall Street Journal? We wanted to see how it worked with some of our Red Heart yarns. So after having some fun learning to knit without needles, we found that Boutique Sashay™Stellar™ and Vivid™ all make great looking cowls using the arm knitting method. We sent some to Mikey at the Crochet Crowd and he got into Arm Knitting too. It didn’t take him long to learn the technique and do this video with a clear demo and helpful tips…he even did Right-Handed and Left-Handed versions.

Here are links to Mikey’s Arm Knitting videos. Hope you enjoy!!

Right Hand Version:

Left Hand Version

2 thoughts on “Arm Knitting Video Tutorials! No needles, no problem!

  1. Pat

    I have two guestion. First how many loops should be on your wrist to make this size and second, how many rows will you do for the length to make an infinity scarfs?

    • redheart

      Hi Pat, Thanks for your questions! For the infinity scarf/cowl in Vivid you will cast on 12. The exact number may vary based on which project you are doing, but you can check the PDF patterns for the correct number. We don’t have row counts for any of the patterns: just work until you are almost out of yarn, and then bind off and sew the ends together. You can make the project shorter or longer based on your preferences.

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