Because you asked for it…Loom Knits

You may have noticed that we’ve added patterns on for knitting looms. We’ve partnered with KB Looms to fill a void on our site for those wanting to use our yarns for loom knitting. If you are not already a loom knitting aficionado, you may wonder why you would want to loom knit when you already know how to knit on needles. Well perhaps you are recuperating from an injury or have carpal tunnel problems, and your usual knit motion just is not pain free all the time. Or maybe someone wants to learn how to knit on a loom and asks you, the expert knitter, for help. We’ve included an Introduction to Loom Knitting to make it easier to learn or teach this craft. There are tutorials for all the basics, shown with easy to follow illustrations.

Here are 6 knitting loom patterns that have recently been added to our site. We are also (for your convenience) offering these KB Looms for sale through When you click on the pattern of your choice, just scroll down to find all the supplies you will need for that project.

LM5367 Sunshine SocksSock Loom 2 with Red Heart Gumdrop yarn

Sunshine Socks Free Loom Knitting Pattern LM5367KB Sock Loom 2

LM5370 Heart BlanketSock Loom 2 with Red Heart Soft Baby Steps yarn

Hearts Blanket Free Loom Knitting Pattern LM5370KB Sock Loom 2

LM5372 Harvest Lace ShawlAll-n-One Loom with Red Heart Unforgettable yarn

Harvest Lace Shawl Free Loom Knitting Pattern LM5372KB All-n-One Loom

LM5369 Seascape AfghanAfghan Loom with Red Heart Soft yarn

Seascape Afghan Free Loom Knitting Pattern LM5369KB Afghan Loom

LM5371 Mountain Breeze ShawlAll-n-One Loom with Red Heart Treasure yarn

Mountain Breeze Shawl Free Loom Knitting Pattern LM5371KB All-n-One Loom

LM5368 Shorty SocksSock Loom 2 with Red Heart Soft Baby Steps yarn

Shorty Socks Free Loom Knitting Pattern LM5368KB Sock Loom 2

They are intermediate skill level patterns. So if you are looking for easier patterns, we suggest you check the KB Loom site. You’ll also find complete instructions for using the looms and more patterns.

KB Sock Loom 2
KB Sock Loom 2
KB 28″ Loom + peg extenders
KB 28 Loom + peg extenders
KB Afghan Loom
KB Afghan Loom
KB All-n-One Loom
KB All-n-One Loom

Please add a comment and let us know if you would like to see more loom knitting patterns.

13 thoughts on “Because you asked for it…Loom Knits

  1. Bev

    Please more loom patterns! Please add more intermediate and advanced loom patterns as well.

  2. Cindy

    I am excited for this! Loom knitting is fun and rewarding. My granddaughter is currently five, she has joined me on several projects since she was three.

  3. Tina

    Yes, please add more loom patterns! I started on a French loom when I was 5 years old. I made a lot of ropes!😄

  4. Jessica Campbell

    I have the original sock loom (not sock loom 2). I would like to see patterns for it.

  5. Judy Priddy

    I am a crocheter and I use your yarn a lot. I am always interested in trying something new. I will be letting my family and friends know about this. As a “young senior citizen” I hope the looms are not too expensive. ♡♡ Thanks. P.S. Now I want to go get one right now!

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Barbara, Thanks for your question! The looms range in price from $22.99 to $54.99. You can see the 4 looms and their prices by clicking here.

  6. Laurie

    Yes, we need more loom knitting patterns and sites. I love to loom knit!

  7. Genesis

    I just saw this blog post. I’m so happy that you’ve added loom patterns, since that’s how I first started with this craft. I already own circular and rectangular looms, but I had no idea that a sock loom existed, that’s very neat :D
    Thank you for including them

  8. Beverly

    I am kinda new to knit loom, so show some easy or beginners loom knit patterns. WW, loom knit is truly funn and i enjoy the expression on people face when they inquire about it. Thank you loom knit mucho…

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