Anne Geddes Baby is here!

Red Heart has partnered with iconic baby photographer Anne Geddes to create this lovely new yarn perfect for your baby. It is a blend of acrylic and nylon, making it unbelievably soft and yet still machine washable. You will love the mixable color range available in 19 colors! Colors go from the traditional pastels like Rosie and Bluebell to deep shades like Ladybug and Blue jay and even black which is appropriately called Night-Night! Mix Bumble and Night-Night to create an adorable Bumble Bee or Teddy and Lily for teddy bear that everyone will love. Let your imagination run wild and create – you may find you want to use this yarn for more than just baby! Continue reading “Anne Geddes Baby is here!”


I can describe the new shades of Super Saver in one word… NEON! Neon is a hot trend and Super Saver will not disappoint you with these 3 beautiful shades. Bright green Glowworm, Blacklight is a mix of neons on a black background and Day Glow, well you’ve got to see it to believe it! All 3 are perfect for get you noticed accessories and home dec.  Continue reading “NEW COLORS IN SUPER SAVER, TEAM SPIRIT AND RIBBONS, OH MY!!”

Each one, teach two or three – with Sashay and Ribbons it’s super easy!

In photo L-R: Mary, Ann , Me, Susan

E782Over Christmas I had a chance to get together with family and teach my nieces, Mary & Ann, how to knit. I was thrilled that they were excited by the yarns and about learning how to make their very own scarf. Mary is 12 and Ann is 10 years old and as a rule they are pretty crafty so I was sure they would be successful at knitting too. I thought teaching them with Boutique Sashay and Ribbons would be a great first project since casting on is so easy, and you get to the fun part much quicker.

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Quick and Easy Faux Brie Perfect for Holiday Snacking

Normally we are all about yarn and fast holiday projects, but hey…a girl has to eat during the holidays too! So, I thought I would give you a quick recipe for those holiday get togethers where you forgot you had to bring something or you want to look like you slaved over a hot stove for hours and it only really took a few minutes – don’t you just love those kinds of things!

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New Sashay Solids

The Sashay yarn you already love now comes in
8 amazing solid shades with metallic accent. Choose from beautiful classic shades; Aran with a gold metallic edge, or always chic Black and timeless Grey both with a silver edge. If you’re like me and you love color – we’ve got you covered! Choose from gorgeous Turquoise, regal Purple, luscious Pink, brilliant Blue & always stylish Red all with silver metallic accent edge.  You’ll want one of every color! 


E782_1904_product      E782_1870_product      E782_1701_product      E782_1502_product      E782_1560_product      E782_1409_product      E782_1112_product      E782_1002_product

 Get them all now while they are hot! Shop online at

LW3290-ColorSplashScarf      LW3216-NighttimeDramaScarf      LW3290-RoyallyRuffledScarf



NEW 2012 Red Heart Yarns are here!

Team Spirit
Go Team!  The newest member of the Super Saver family features 2- tone striping shades perfect for supporting your favorite high school, college & pro teams!  Each color forms stripes when knit or crocheted, no need to switch colors, one ball has both shades! Great projects will make supporting your favorite team even more fun.  Don’t see your favorite team colors?  Never fear, there is always next year!

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