Part 2 of 3 Getting past being a beginner scarf maker…and get into the holidays

In September I reflected on how beginners might take the next step in their knitting and crochet hobby. Now that the holidays will be here soon, there are many ways to use yarn to make the season bright. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy your craft, add loving touches to your home and give homey things to friends and family.

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Be Inspired: God’s Eyes

One of the best things about being involved in the designs for Red Heart is getting to know the work of so many talented people. Paul DuBuc is a great example. He has taken our beloved Red Heart Super Saver and created some of the most awe-inspiring art pieces I’ve ever seen. He told me how he first became interested in God’s Eyes while attending concerts by the Grateful Dead and other rock groups back in the sixties, and noticing that they placed God’s Eyes on the stage.

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Getting Past Being a Beginner Scarf Maker Part 1 of 3

So you’ve made a couple scarfs…or maybe you have made a lot of scarfs for all your friends and relatives and maybe even sold them at your local craft market or church sale. Everyone thinks you are a knitter or crocheter, but you secretly know that you have limited know-how. So today I’d like to make a couple suggestions for taking the next step in becoming an ace knitter or crocheter. Continue reading “Getting Past Being a Beginner Scarf Maker Part 1 of 3”

So You Want to Be a Knit Designer

Did you know that there is actually an on-line class that you can take that teaches you how to put your terrific design ideas into words? It is called How to Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters and is available on Craftsy, a great craft community. I took the class and was impressed by Edie Eckman’s ability to take the involved process of pattern writing and put it into a format that is very user friendly. It completely covers the process of putting a knit design into a pattern. Once you buy the class you can watch it at your own pace, and go back over it again at any time. The format allows you to ask questions of Edie and she will answer them! Fellow students can join into any discussions. Continue reading “So You Want to Be a Knit Designer”

Calling all action-hero lovers!

SpiderWebThrow Every once in a while there is a pattern that I think everyone will want to know about, and this is one of those patterns. Here’s a throw design that any kid (or adult) action-hero aficionado can get excited about! Spider Web Throw was designed by Ellen Gormley, a mother herself with young children, and so it comes naturally that she does great kids’ designs. Here is the link to the free Spider Web Throw pattern. Continue reading “Calling all action-hero lovers!”

Free eBook: Head to Toe Accessories

From-Head-to-Toe-Young-to-Old-26-Knit-and-Crochet-Accessories-eBook-1We’ve put together an eBook collection of designs to warm you and yours! From Head to Toe, Young to Old can be saved for you to refer to whenever you need a gift or are looking for the perfect small-commitment project. Actually, I wanted to wait and tell you about this on Earth Day in April, because I think it’s such a good idea to keep patterns digitally on my computer, rather than adding to my many shelves of books. But I couldn’t keep this a secret until Earth Day. These are projects you’ll want to know about now—ideas for your whole family, gifts for your circle of friends, scarves, shawls and hats for yourself, really a good selection of accessories for all.

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