Watching the Winter Olympics?

The Winter Olympics will soon have me spending many hours sitting in front of my television. I never miss the opening ceremonies and find the events amazing. I’ll be watching with pride as our US team (wearing their “Made in the USA” designer outfits by Ralph Lauren) wow us with athletic feats and exciting Olympic events. Certainly I’ll be getting out my needles or hooks as I watch. Since I need to choose a project, I was going through our website for patterns for hats, scarves and other accessories. I’m thinking that many of you will also be looking for projects to keep your hands busy while watching the Olympics…so I’m sharing some of the ideas that use “Made in the USA” yarns (so appropriate for Olympic-watching projects). Here are 14 accessories using yarns like Super Saver, Team Spirit, With Love, Super Saver Chunky, Soft and Super Soft. Red Heart has 17 yarns that are Made in the USA.

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Super Saver Saves the Day!

Donna Hornschemeier emailed this amazing story about Super Saver yarn to us a few days ago. She agreed to let us share it with you… Red Heart Super Saver Blacklight

“The windshield wipers on my car broke earlier in the week. Last night I took my son to a meeting. Half an hour in it started snowing. Heavily. By the time his meeting was over the cars and road were covered. Before I had left home, I had checked the weather. There was no rain or snow in the forecast. Having no other choice, I pulled out my work in progress bags and cut a couple strands of yarn I was using to make a blanket and tied it to my wipers. By pulling on the yarn a little bit each time, my wipers would engage and go through their cycle. Thanks to your Red Heart Blacklight yarn I managed to get home safely. It was a distance of about 14 miles.”

We’re proud of Super Saver Blacklight and that it was able to help Donna see her way home in the storm! It’s a relatively new multi shade of Super Saver in neons and black.

If you have an interesting story about any of the Red Heart yarns please share them in the comments. We’d love to hear about it!

Arm Knitting Video Tutorials! No needles, no problem!

Have you heard about the Arm Knitting craze that has even made front page news in the Wall Street Journal? We wanted to see how it worked with some of our Red Heart yarns. So after having some fun learning to knit without needles, we found that Boutique Sashay™Stellar™ and Vivid™ all make great looking cowls using the arm knitting method. We sent some to Mikey at the Crochet Crowd and he got into Arm Knitting too. It didn’t take him long to learn the technique and do this video with a clear demo and helpful tips…he even did Right-Handed and Left-Handed versions.

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Stunning Gift Ideas with Boutique Unforgettable

I think my sister has been nice rather than naughty this year and I have been looking for a special scarf that I can finish for her in time for Christmas. I was just looking through the wonderful designs in the new issue of Knitter’s magazine and found the perfect scarf. It is shown in two color ways of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable…both Dragonfly and Petunia. The talented Kathy Zimmerman has designed it like a seaman’s scarf, working each half separately, narrowed at the center back and then grafted together. Her use of color and finishing ideas are exquisite! Continue reading “Stunning Gift Ideas with Boutique Unforgettable”

Kissing Ball May Improve Your Health

Seems that Santa kissing mama under the mistletoe was a very healthy thing to do. I just read that kissing helps reduce blood pressure, amps up your happy hormones, fights cavities and even zaps headaches! So improve your health (and benefit from the hugs and kisses) by making this quick and crafty Kissing Ball with Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric. It’s just one of a few ideas I used for adding sparkle and softness to my Christmas decorating.

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Getting to Know Our Designers: Julie Farmer and Marianne Forrestal

What in the world would we do without talented designers?! They offer their creative talents so that we can in turn enjoy crocheting or knitting our own unique projects. Even after many years of yarn addiction (more years than I like to admit), I am constantly amazed at how a ball of yarn can become so many different and beautiful things. Here are interviews with two of our best designers who have mastered the design process. Continue reading “Getting to Know Our Designers: Julie Farmer and Marianne Forrestal”

Just “Throwing” Out Some New Options

Summer is ending and Fall is the perfect time to get your next throw project planned and ready to go—so here are some wonderful new options to inspire you! Get started now and you can finish your throw in time for the first snow. If you’ve never done a project as large as a throw, start with one of these two easy patterns, Flower Path Throw (LW3589) or Splendid Ripple Throw (LW3602). You’ll spend a bit more time than you would for a scarf, but you don’t need any extra skills. Continue reading “Just “Throwing” Out Some New Options”