Donna’s Dozen – Amigurumi for All Ages

When I think of stuffed animals…

…I usually associate them with children. But, there are a lot of adults out there that like them, too. Young or old animals are cute, cuddly, and can be oh-so-comforting. Some may be for a collection or the mascot for a school once attended. Either way, these little cuties will put a smile on a face no matter the age. Hope you enjoy the dozen little critters that I have picked for you today! Check out for even more!





Who says lambs can’t be colorful? The design itself is beyond adorable so pick a color and make it yours. Continue reading “Donna’s Dozen – Amigurumi for All Ages”

Donna’s Dozen: School Days and Golden Rule Days

Believe it or not it is that time of year again to send our babies off to school again. Yes, my daughter is almost 20, but she is still my baby. This time of year affects everyone from Primary school all the way to graduate school. Red Heart is always here to help. Let’s start out their year in style. First I would like to look at wardrobe:

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Red Heart Presents Christmas in July featuring The Crochet Crowd’s Mikey

Red Heart is always thinking ahead to help you reach your creative goals. Believe it or not it’s that time of year again for Red Heart’s Christmas in July!If you don’t want to be stressed or behind you need to start now to get ready for the holidays. We will be featuring a Christmas pattern Monday-Friday in the month of July. We have also joined forces with a dear friend of ours and yours, Mikey from the Crochet Crowd. He brings so much knowledge and energy to what he does that you can’t help but get in the spirit of the holidays even when the temperatures are in the 90’s.

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Donna’s Dozen: For Fabulous Fathers Everywhere

It does not matter if you call him father, daddy, dad or pop he deserves a special present from you on Father’s Day. He has enjoyed handmade presents since you were in Elementary school, you know the ones I am talking about, so why not keep up the tradition. Red Heart has several different ideas and I am sure one that will fit your dad’s personality. Continue reading “Donna’s Dozen: For Fabulous Fathers Everywhere”

Donna’s Dozen: Red, White and Blue for You

It’s hard to believe that this year has gone by so quickly. Even though the sun will be out, kids will be home and vacations will start soon does not mean we should lay down the hooks and needles. There is still work to be done for your summer decorations. Every year I have or am invited to a party to celebrate our country and all the wonderful freedoms that we have here. At you can find several patterns along this line, but I thought I would help you out by bringing them all together. Let’s get started with some designs for home decorations, clothing and baby items. Enjoy!

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Donna’s Dozen: Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers are always the first one to hug us when we hurt, support us whenever we need it and give unconditional love asking nothing in return. We only hope that we can be just as good of a mom as they were to us. For me it was not until I became a mom myself that I fully realized how good mine was. A mom will  sacrifice something she may need or want in order for her child to have everything. My mom always put her children ahead of her own needs and still does. Continue reading “Donna’s Dozen: Mother’s Day Gifts”

Donna’s Dozen: Hopping Spring and Easter Patterns

I think it is safe to say that we have had one dreadful Winter so I thought I would bring you hope for better days with some Spring and Easter designs. Even if it is still cold and a little dreary where you live I hope these wonderful designs will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Speaking of Fuzzy, let’s take a look at some adorable Easter bunnies.

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Winter Blast Hat

LW4062I’m not sure if Winter 2014 will be considered a blast or not. I live in the Southeast and was snowed in for 3 days so I really feel for my friends up North. Let’s be clear about something though, if you are going to go out and play in the snow then you have to look good doing it.

My daughter went off to her first year of college in the mountains of North Carolina. We have beaches too, but she picked the mountains. During Christmas break she asked me if I could make her some hats. She wanted slouchy, cute, hip and just plain fun. I found the perfect pattern, the Winter Blast Hat.

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