Interview with Designer Frank O’Randle

The Internet is a marvelous thing — it never ceases to amaze me. I first became aware of Frank O’Randle when I joined a crochet-a-long on Facebook,and someone posted a link to Frank’s Facebook page. While browsing on his page I noticed Frank’s designs had a very unique look to them. Because of the colors he uses, his afghans seem to have a 3-D quality to them, and they just pop off the page. It’s as if you are viewing them under black light, although no black light is needed. His designs are exquisite.

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Cozy Knits for Chickens

Why do chickens cross the road? To get a sweater, of course!

One of my friends, Kristie Mach, has a friend who lives in Canada named Libby who keeps pet Silkie chickens. Libby jokingly asked Kristie if she could make some sweaters to keep her chickens warm, and Kristie decided to, in order to thank Libby for her good friendship. Yes, you read that correctly, my friend had a special request to knit chicken sweaters!
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Now What Size Hook Did I Use?

How many of you have ever found a long ago forgotten project? It might be in the back of the closet, in your tote bag, maybe even in the trunk of your car. Sometimes I have 5 or 6 projects on my hooks, and when I pick them back up I can’t remember which size hook I used. Here’s a clever way to help you remember what size hook you need when you pick up that unfinished object, (UFO as I like to call them).

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Pasadena Crochet Meet Up makes Red Heart’s Infinite Shells Cowl

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of introducing The Pasadena Crochet Meet Up to the beautiful Red Heart Soft yarn. The texture, the way it drapes, and the variety of colors are just amazing. Some of the group members opted to use Red Heart Super Saver for this project and it worked out just as well.

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Janice Ogata interviews Allison Hoffman

Imagine if you will, you want to make a doll for one of your friends that looks exactly like them.  With Allison Hoffman’s new book “AmiguruME”, now you can!  Allison shows you how to crochet basic body parts and how to adapt each face to look like someone you know.  She teaches you how to make your dolls recognizable.   If you flip through the book you will have fun trying to guess the famous faces she has crafted out of yarn. Continue reading “Janice Ogata interviews Allison Hoffman”

The Burbank Fiber Friends play with Boutique Swanky

Imagine my delight when a box of Red Heart Boutique Swanky arrived on my doorstep!!! I had to play with the yarn right away!!! It was over the long President’s Day weekend that I crocheted a hat with this beautiful shiny, sequin laced yarn. It drapes really well, it’s easy to work with and it sparkles like you can only imagine.
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