Generosity for Madagascar Exhibit

Generosity for Madagascar Exhibit

By Michael Sellick

We are continuing to receive donations from fans around the world for the Stranded and Tangled in Madagascar Exhibit at Creativ Festival. Donations have come in from Dubai, France, UK, USA and Canada so far. Our booth will be the island of Madagascar for the next show. Some of the characters are tiny while others are oversized. We have over 200 creatures and landscape entries so far.

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Fall-O-Ween is Here!

Happy Fall-O-Ween from!

With the cooler temperatures and changing leaves comes the newest contest from Red Heart. The “Little Monsters Facebook Photo Contest” has begun! Dress up your cutest “Little Monster” (son, daughter, niece, nephew, cat, dog, etc.) in Red Heart Yarn and submit a photo to win some fantastic prizes! Red Heart will choose 10 winners at random to receive a special $50 gift! Contest runs September 9 – November 3, so get started on those costumes now!

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Operation We’ve Got You Covered

by guest blogger Jan Knapp

In the United States, a uniform hat is sometimes referred to officially as a cover, as in: “Soldier, remove your cover!” or “You’re not in uniform without your cover.”

The Ladies Auxiliary, Military Order of the Purple Heart is asking crafters to join us in Operation We’ve Got You Covered, a patriotic program that provides support and comfort to hospitalized and homebound Veterans.

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