Red Heart Lovers Group on Ravelry Knit and Crochet Along

Ravelry logoWe at Red Heart are so proud to know that there are groups formed to come together and support each other through tough projects, offer encouragement, share their knowledge and even their yarn stashes. One of those groups is the Red Heart Lovers Group on Ravelry. They have been busy putting together an exciting Knit and Crochet Along for the month of October. If you are a beginner or just need some knit and crochet friends you should check out this group. See below for more information:

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Generosity for Madagascar Exhibit

Generosity for Madagascar Exhibit

By Michael Sellick

We are continuing to receive donations from fans around the world for the Stranded and Tangled in Madagascar Exhibit at Creativ Festival. Donations have come in from Dubai, France, UK, USA and Canada so far. Our booth will be the island of Madagascar for the next show. Some of the characters are tiny while others are oversized. We have over 200 creatures and landscape entries so far.

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Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 2

LC4494-1Welcome to the second week of Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6! This week I’m working on the Cardboard Loom Bracelet. I want to make small Christmas gifts for my close group of friends, and I figured that friendship bracelets would be a fun throw-back to childhood. I’m starting now, so that I don’t have to rush to make them. I may change to other types of bracelets in Sizzle, like the Chevron Stripe Bracelet and Diagonal Stripe Bracelet, as I work.

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Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 6, Week 1

Welcome to the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge! For the next 8 weeks we’ll be working together on Wednesday evenings and sharing our plans and projects. We’re all so busy it can be difficult to have time to sit down and work on your projects, so I’ve found it easier to set aside time each week. I’m stitching on Wednesdays since it fits my schedule, but you can choose any day that suits you.

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Fall-O-Ween is Here!

Happy Fall-O-Ween from!

With the cooler temperatures and changing leaves comes the newest contest from Red Heart. The “Little Monsters Facebook Photo Contest” has begun! Dress up your cutest “Little Monster” (son, daughter, niece, nephew, cat, dog, etc.) in Red Heart Yarn and submit a photo to win some fantastic prizes! Red Heart will choose 10 winners at random to receive a special $50 gift! Contest runs September 9 – November 3, so get started on those costumes now!

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Putting It All Together for Cabled Afghan Knit-Along

Welcome to the final week of the Cabled Afghan Knit-Along! Each week we shared a new square pattern and helped you learn to make it. This week we will be putting all of the squares together into a finished afghan. Watch videos on Creativebug (sign up for a free account to get access to the videos) and see tutorials here on the blog.

This week we will be working from the final pattern for the Knit Your Cables Afghan (LW4309). You can download the pattern for this afghan here. This pattern has the patterns for each individual square as well as the finishing instructions.

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Donna’s Dozen – Amigurumi for All Ages

When I think of stuffed animals…

…I usually associate them with children. But, there are a lot of adults out there that like them, too. Young or old animals are cute, cuddly, and can be oh-so-comforting. Some may be for a collection or the mascot for a school once attended. Either way, these little cuties will put a smile on a face no matter the age. Hope you enjoy the dozen little critters that I have picked for you today! Check out for even more!





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