Crochet Pink eBook Featuring 26 Patterns to Crochet for Charity

The eBook Crochet Pink: 26 Patterns to Crochet for Comfort, Gratitude, and Charity by Janet Rehfeldt is a collection of patterns in pink, the color of hope for breast cancer. The patterns range from sweaters to accessories to home decor items, all in various shades of pink. The eBook includes two patters in Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread, the Mark of Elegance Bookmark in Classic 10 on page 73 and Coffee Cup and Travel Mug Cozies in Fashion 3 on page 79. The instructions are very clear and include multiple pictures for each pattern. The eBook also includes a list of other colors of hope for other types of cancer, so you can customize the colors to the one that means the most to you.

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My Whimsical Red Heart Chair


By Theresa (Terry) Albertson

I live on Anderson Island, a small 3 miles by 5 miles island in South Puget Sound near the Seattle-Tacoma area.

After working nearly 37 years at a large national Retail Department Store in the display/visual merchandising arena, I have retired to my many hobbies, which include caring for a dozen exotic birds, four small-active dogs, and our neighbors-the deer that come to our yard for feed and water, gardening, and of course my number one pastime-knitting.

My mom and I learned to knit together when I was just 16. It was a wonderful way to enjoy time together. I don’t throw my yarn. I pick, so I am a very fast knitter. I know it as the “Continental” knitting method.

I prefer not to follow patterns. I have found it easier to envision my own ideas, and use my knitting style to produce them. I knit everything from hats-gloves-scarves to Afghans, sweaters and cute little dolls. I have my own basic top-down raglan sleeve sweater pattern knitted on circular needles. I am able to knit almost anything with this pattern. I make a wide variety of dolls, including the iconic raggedy Ann and Andy, as well as making many dolls that look like friends and friend’s grandkids.

I had seen examples of a new fad that was called yarn-bombing. People were knitting covers for almost anything. It gave me the inspiration to knit a straight-backed chair that I got from the Good-Will store.

My first attempt was a sophisticated cover in colors that could be used as living-dining-bed-room décor. Then when I saw what I could actually do, I decided to make one specifically to enter in the Washington State Fair in September of 2013. I decided to make it much more whimsical, sort of in the Wizard of Oz feeling.

When I got it completed I worried that with the limited methods of presentation at the fair my chair might not get seen as well as it deserved. So I knitted a little corner table with a checkerboard motif and even knitted little pom-poms for checker pieces. It served as a platform for my chair. When my husband and I arrived at the fair entry area, the ladies were caught a bit off guard. They were not sure how they could show it. They indicated they could not include the table in the judging but that I could use it as a platform for the chair.


When the fair opened we still had not heard how my chair had done in the competition. We got to the knitting/quilting area and could not find the chair. My husband found a fair guide who when he asked about the chair she replied, “Oh the Grand Champion! It’s over here” and led us to it. I was flabbergasted to learn that my chair was the grand champion of the knitting entries and that I had actually won a monetary prize. What great fun it has been.

I used exclusively Red Heart yarn for this project for the color and value. I’m glad I did. I love Red Heart yarn!












Coats & Clark Gives Back

Community Involvement 002As part of Coats & Clark’s ongoing commitment to give back to our communities, the crafter employees of our Charlotte headquarters office spent this past summer creating beautiful, one of a kind baby items using our Soft Baby Steps yarn. A group of our employees recently visited Angel House, which provides shelter and support for pregnant women. The facility provides prenatal medical care, parenting education, mentoring programs, and life skills training in a caring, supportive environment. The group visited with residents and the ladies were thrilled to be able to pick out a special blanket, hat and booties with which to welcome their newborn with. Since the donations from our employees was so generous, we were able to leave extra items so that future residents of Angel House can be gifted with a blanket as well.

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Red Heart’s Featured Holiday Sweater Wreath of the Month – December

Enter to Win the Wreath of the Month!

There will be 3 lucky people who will win the yarn, needles and hooks to make this month’s wreath.

Red Heart will be featuring a new wreath project every month in 2013!  It will include a free pattern for the particular wreath and some tips and photos for assembly  from the designer Jean Guirguis.

PLUS get a December Wreath Calendar that you can print out to keep track of important dates.

December’s wreath of the month free pattern is the Holiday Sweater Wreath.

Oh what fun it is to knit this collection of mini holiday sweaters! Display them on a wreath as we’ve done or decorate your tree.

Holiday Sweater Wreath


Christmas Musings with the 12 Gifts of Christmas by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd

Written by Mikey from The Crochet Crowd

Isn’t yarn spectacular? I mean… look at all those pretty colours that are available on the shelf. It’s like a huge colour wheel waiting to be unleashed and set free.

Over the years, I have seen traditional Christmas colours turn from just red, white and green and go into incredible colour combinations such as lime green, sea foam blue, pinks and so much more. Times have changed and I am kinda chuckling to myself when our tree used to have these lights on that were so hot that it would burn to the touch. Mom said never to touch the lights but the kid in me couldn’t resist. Even lighting and decoration ideas have evolved.

Changing a colour scheme at Christmas can be really expensive if you decide that everything you do has to be store bought and do it all at one time. This is where I become best friends with my yarn and start creating items that mean something to me. For me, it’s easier to throw out a store made ornament than it is to toss out something that has meaning of time from someone else. I add to my home decor year after year and I don’t always use the same decorations two years in a row. Like you, my tastes and home decor changes. I try not to make my home look the same year after year during the holidays.

Part of the trick of making Christmas home decor is trying not to get the project to look too ‘campy’. With my yarn crafts, sometimes it’s about adding a few extra decorations to spruce it up a bit. I have a tendency to over accessorize what I make. The voice of Coco Chanel comes alive in my head reminding me to remove one accessory after I think I am done. Hard to do at times but it’s true.

I’m currently working on the 12 Gifts of Christmas Series as seen on Red Heart. I’ve done this for three years and I have say this year was my most favourite series. This year, I went outside of my own box of what I thought could be taught on camera to attempt teaching ideas. I tend to get stuck in the same circle and just re-invent something I have done in the past. This year, with Diva Dan’s persistence, I ventured out and I am so happy I did. I contribute a portion of my success to the many new patterns that were released by Red Heart this year. Believe it or not, I actually learned new stitches and concepts with creating this Christmas Series. To me, that satisfies the creative side.

Watch the Crochet Jingle Bells Door Hanger Tutorial

This video series wraps up my year first year teaching for Red Heart Yarns. It has been my pleasure to be granted the opportunity to teach and inspire you. Thank you for thousands of kind ‘thank you’ emails and comments that you have shared with me on, Facebook and within our YouTube videos. It means more to me that you may ever realize.

I encourage feedback on our videos and Facebook pages to your thoughts and ideas. We love to see your photographs of your finished projects posted on our Facebook pages. You have the power to influence others with your colour schemes and added embellishments to your projects. Be sure to comment and ‘share a like’ here and there to make another crocheter/knitter’s day bright!

Happy Hook’n,

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