Dusty Snowflake Throw Crochet Along Week 1

Grab those hooks and let’s get started on our Dusty Snowflake Throw Crochet Along.  We haven’t set a deadline or completion date on this project, wanting you to work at your own pace. There will be lots of help along the way, so if you have questions, just ask and someone will help you understand. Watch the How-To videos for the different techniques on completing each motif, as well as, a How-To video for joining the motifs as you go. Tell us about your progress; and you can show us pictures of your progress each week on our Facebook page.

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Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 2

Back by popular demand …it’s the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge. Welcome to Season 2 of the WNSC. Once again, this is the one night I take for myself to relax, watch TV and sometimes just listen to music while I’m stitching. My day to day schedule doesn’t always allow me to stitch every day. Wednesday is a great day for me, it’s the middle of the week and great day for me to catch up on previously recorded shows or listen to music…a pleasant way to split up the week. I’m making things for Christmas gifts and this is a great way to get started on those projects. I also have a new great grandson who will be getting a few new sweaters this winter. For me, Wednesday night is gift making night. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Season 2”

Red Heart Fall 2011 Crochet Along Project: Dusty Snowflake Throw

Your votes have been counted and the Dusty Snowflake Throw won for the Fall 2011 Crochet Along.  A close 2nd was the Friendship Shawl with only 11 fewer votes.  You can select any colors or yarns of your choice.  The only requirement is that you use Red Heart Yarn.  We are looking forward to your joining our group and hearing about your progress. Continue reading “Red Heart Fall 2011 Crochet Along Project: Dusty Snowflake Throw”

Red Heart Fall Crochet Along

  We are ready to begin our Fall Crochet Along, it will be through our Red Heart Yarns Facebook page, and we will continue to blog about it here on HeartStrings. We recently asked you to tell us what you might like to work on for our next Crochet Along. You have given us some wonderful suggestions. Based on those suggestions, we have selected 4 different crochet patterns for you to choose from. You will notice they are different categories this time based on what you asked for. Continue reading “Red Heart Fall Crochet Along”

How’s Knitting or Crochet Helping You This Week?

Over the past month, the temperatures have been pushing upward of 80’s – 90’s in the south. Only a very few cool days have come and gone, little time to sit outside and stitch. It’s finally another cooler day today and beautiful weather to work outside…stitching that is. After staring at the computer screen for several days, I’m giving myself a break from the screen for next few hours and I’m going to enjoy this beautiful afternoon working on a fall jacket design (for myself) and I’m doing it outside. I have a swing at the back of my garden, grape vines and trees offer shade and today it’s calling me to come over, sit down and stitch for a while. Only natures music and a mild breeze. And the grape vines are full of grapes, so I’ve picked myself a healthy snack to eat while stitching.  Continue reading “How’s Knitting or Crochet Helping You This Week?”

Can We Talk UFOs?

I have them, you have them …. They are everywhere!  Every few months I go through my craft room, piecing together those projects I started with good intentions of finishing, but never quite made it.  I diligently work at getting them completed, vowing to never let that happen again.  I start a project, then I find another and another and … well, you know how that ends up.  Guess what … it keeps happening and here I am again going through all my Unfinished Objects again!  I have a room full of items at various stages of completeness.  I work at a job that allows me to knit and crochet.  I have yarn and all the fun tools and accessories around me most every day.  I see a new yarn or a new pattern and can’t wait to get started… I’m doomed! Continue reading “Can We Talk UFOs?”