Baby Granny My Way

My friends always make fun of me for taking patterns and putting my own spin on them. I like to make old new again, bright not so bright and turn dull into vibrant.donnaspoem_0

I knew I wanted to do Granny Squares so my search began. I found LW3739, Many Squares Baby Blanket, and knew this was the one. I wanted a baby yarn so I picked Soft Baby Steps because it had the same yarn weight and then settled on colors. I selected Lime, Baby Yellow, Baby Blue and Puppy Print (multi).
Many Squares Baby Blanket

I began by making granny squares in each of the four colors that I chose.  The great thing about granny squares is that you can take your project and work on it anywhere.
Granny Squares

After all of my squares were completed I used the always appreciated assembly chart and laid out the squares on my floor. I took one row at a time and whipped stitched them together. You would think this would take forever, but it goes pretty quick. Now to start the edging. Here’s where I changed it up a little bit. I wanted more blue and multi, so I alternated the two colors instead of using all four.

Now for my finished project. I think my future nephew will snuggle and cuddle with his blanket for years. Especially since it is from his favorite Aunt. Granted he hasn’t met me, but I will be the favorite.
Many Squares Throw

I forgot to mention that I do work for Red Heart and I have access to all the designs. I think it is fun to show the original design beside the altered pattern. I think they both look just fantastic.
Many Squares Throw