Back Loop & Front Loop Square in the Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochet Along

Welcome back to the Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochet-Along! This week we will be working on the Back Loop & Front Loop Square (LW4132-7), which you can find here. This is the 8th square posted for this challenge; the links to the previous weeks are listed at the bottom of this post. We have 3 more square patterns to post before the pattern is complete!

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We post pictures of how to do each stitch pattern and crochet a very small sample as an example. Use the stitch counts in the actual pattern to make the square big enough for an afghan.

Like the rest of the textured squares, to start this square you’ll chain 36 and then single crochet across, for a total of 35 single crochets. The rest of the square is also in single crochet, but you’ll be working into the back loops and the front loops of the stitches. The diagram below shows you the front and back loops.


To start the pattern, you’ll single crochet just into the back loop of the first stitch.


The next stitch, you’ll single crochet just into the front loop of the second stitch. You’ll alternate working single crochets into the back and front loops of the stitches, ending with a back loop.


For the next row, you’ll switch so you’ll be starting and ending with a front loop single crochet. You’ll alternate the front loop and back loop stitches in this row as well.


Continue alternating rows 2 and 3 18 more times, and then do Row 2 an additional time.


The final row will be regular single crochet working under both loops.


The idea behind the border for this square is the same as the previous squares — single crocheting all around — but getting the right number of stitches down the sides is slightly different since there are a different number of rows in this square compared with previous textured squares.

After your final single crochet row, do not turn and do not fasten off. Single crochet down along the side of the square, across the opposite side of the foundation chain, up the other side, and finally across the top of the square before ending the border with a slip knot and fastening off. In each corner stitch you’ll do a single crochet, chain 3, and another single crochet to make the corner lay flat.


To work the border evenly so you have 33 sc evenly spaced along the side edges, the designer recommended marking each end of Rows 1, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36. When you do the sides, single crochet into the edge stitches, but skip crocheting into the top of the marked rows and you’ll end up with a border matching the borders of the previous squares.

Now you’re finished! Join us in two weeks on May 14, 2014 for the next square in the crochet along. In the meantime, experiment with working in the front and back loops — what does it look like if you use double crochet? Treble crochet?

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