“Best of the Bird” Top 5 Countdown

I love Marly Bird’s friendly, easy-to-follow style of doing how-to videos. You can find all her Red Heart pattern videos on our Marly’s Learning Corner page, which is always available via the “How-To” drop down in our top navigation bar.

So you don’t miss the “Best of the Bird” pattern videos, I am counting down the 5 most popular. Watch the video here, or click on the bold section to go to the video page.

#5 Lacy Pineapple Shawl designed by Marly Bird
Wear it as a scarf or as a shawl! This light and lacy design is crocheted with Heart & Sole sock weight yarn. Download the pattern and create a shawl that you’ll keep in your bag for whenever you need a little shoulder warmer.


#4 Wavy Ridge Scarf designed by Heather Lodinsky
Choose your favorite shade of Super Saver and crochet an over-sized scarf to update your wardrobe. We made it 90” long, but you can make it any length that you like best.

#3 10 Secrets to Perfect Planned Pooling by Marly Bird
Believe it or not, you can crochet a plaid design using many of the multi-color Super Saver and With Love yarns, without changing yarn colors. Marly reveals her secrets on how to make “pooling” happen.

#2 Big Comfy Sweater by Lorna Miser
Easy-to-fit and relaxing to wear, this sweater is knit in lighter weight Fashion Soft. The longer length is perfect with tight jeans or leggings. It’s great for first time sweater knitters!

And now a drumroll for the number 1 video….

#1 Sidewalk Shawl designed by Kimberly McAlindin
This shawl features a pineapple motif that can be a bit tricky. Download the pattern and create a shawl that you’ll find reasons to wear any season of the year.

12 thoughts on ““Best of the Bird” Top 5 Countdown

  1. Liz Farley

    I see the orange tartan plaid afghan up above, but no information on it. Is a pattern available for it?

  2. Melissa

    This is an absolutely WONDERFUL video. I can get my yarn & come back and ACTUALLY CROCHET ALONG. WOW! Just awesome. Thank you Red Heart.

    • redheart

      Hi Susan, Which pattern? You can search by keyword or pattern number on redheart.com.

  3. Richard Winfield

    Tried pooling with ‘Shaded Dusk’ but have not been able to get it to work. Also wanted to pool with ‘Reef’
    but that color sequence is absolutely huge and don’t see how it could ever pool.

    Have you pooled successfully with those? Wanted to make place mats with Reef. (no go)
    And wanted to make scarf with Shaded Dusk but could not figure out the sequence to get it to pool.

  4. Kathy

    Hi! I’m working on the Big Comfy Sweater at the moment. I usually just make scarves, slippers, and dog sweaters, and this is the first actual garment I’ve tried to make for myself. I’m stuck at the point in the pattern after making the initial 3-inch ribbing, where it says to work “stockinette stitch 21 1/2 inches from the beginning”. Does “the Beginning” mean 21 1/2 starting from the very bottom, or starting from the end of the ribbing?

    • Bj

      Kathy, it usually means 21.5 inches from the cast on row. Should read something like; continue in stockinette st. until the piece measures……
      This is also where you can customize the length.

  5. Cat

    Been trying to do Planned Pooling with RH Yarn color Bonbon Print Lot 8710 Art E3028 UPC # 73650 81559 and finding it impossible! Is this one a yarn that can be used for Planned Pooling?
    I wish that RH would put the Planned Pooling approximate stitch numbers on the skein ban and save a lot of frustration and disappointment with this product.

  6. Cat

    The link to Planned Polling didn’t work with this yarn even with graphing it out as instructed in the “Quick Guide to Color Pooling” video.

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