Bias Garter Stitch Square for the Cabled Afghan Knit Along

Welcome to the Cabled Afghan Knit-Along! Each week we will share a new square pattern and help you learn to make it. Watch videos on Creativebug (sign up for a free account to get access to the videos) and see tutorials here on the blog. My name is Margaret Eckman, and my mom Edie Eckman designed the squares and teaches the videos. Together we’ll get you going on your afghan! 

This week will be working on the Bias Garter Stitch Square (LW4309-A), which you can download the pattern for here.


Our afghan is in one color (9388 Wheat in Red Heart Soft yarn), but you are welcome to use any color combination that you want. You’ll need needles that you can get gauge with. The needles can be straight or circular for the squares, but you will need a 32″ or longer circular needle to make the border to finish the afghan.

You’ll also need a cable needle of your choice and a yarn needle.

Start with a regular garter stitch (knit every row) gauge swatch, at least 5″ square. Count the stitches and rows in it to see if your gauge matches the pattern gauge. If it does, great! You can move on. If it doesn’t, make another gauge swatch with bigger or smaller needles as needed to get your swatch to match the given gauge. It’s fine if you use bigger or smaller needles for your squares than what is given in the pattern. (For more on checking gauge, watch the video or read our blog post on gauge swatches.)

Bias Garter Stitch Square

This square is knit from one corner to another corner, so you’ll start with 3 stitches, increase to 57 stitches, and then decrease to 3 stitches. Like regular garter stitch work, it is reversible. The cable squares will be knit in regular side-to-side rows.

To start, cast on 3 stitches. My mom Edie used a long-tail cast on, but any sort of cast-on is appropriate for this square.


You can knit continental or English style — whichever you prefer. Knit one row without any increases, then start the increase rows.

To knit the increase row, knit across the row until you get to the last two stitches. In the second-to-last stitch, knit into the front and back of the stitch, then knit the last stitch normally. Keep repeating this row until you have 57 stitches on your needles.


After you reach 57 stitches, you’ll start decreasing. To knit the descreasing portion, knit every row until you get to the last three stitches. Knit two stitches together (k2tog) and then knit the last stitch normally.


When you reach three stitches again, bind off the square.

You’ll need a total of 10 bias garter stitch squares for the afghan as it is written. You can make them at any point during the Knit Along.

The video shows the ends woven in, but you can leave the ends long and use them to sew the afghan squares together at the end of the Knit Along.

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