Bilingual Crafter Yolanda Soto-Lopez

If you like to learn crafts from YouTube videos, you’ve probably heard of Yolanda Soto-Lopez and her All Crafts Channel. Yolanda has been filming and publishing English and Spanish video tutorials for crafts for a few years now. She started her videos to help the women in her church stitching group learn new skills, and just used her laptop camera and household lamps. Now she has a dedicated studio area with an overhead camera and strong lighting, so her videos are clear and easy to see.

Yolanda is Mexican-American, and speaks both Spanish and English fluently. She creates all of her tutorial videos in both languages. She mostly creates her own patterns, but sometimes does product reviews or helps with existing patterns. Most of the tutorials are crochet, but there are a good number of knitting ones as well.

She has about 650 videos, over 400,000 subscribers, and over 74 million views! You can see examples of her videos below in English and Spanish.

Yolanda was recently profiled by NBC Latino (article in English) and interviewed by the television channel Telemundo (interview in Spanish).

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      Hi Sherry, Thank you for your question. Please contact Yolanda Soto-Lopez directly for assistance locating the pattern. You can contact her through her social media, or via the Contact page on her blog.

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