Boutique Fizzle & Filigree – 2 New Yarns that Create 1 Ball Scarves with a Whole New Look!

Boutique Fizzle
– Fun texture makes this yarn a stand out – couple that with how easy it is to make a scarf and you have a winning combination! Fizzle has a track that makes it super easy and quick to knit or crochet. Don’t have a hook or needles? No problem! Just hand chain it for the same effect – make a cute scarf in just minutes!!

                  Quick and Easy 3-Stitch Knit Scarf

3StitchKnitScarf BoutiqueFizzle







Boutique Filigree – This yarn is actually more like a woven fabric with an added track on top so you can easily stitch with it, just like you do Sashay. It works up to a fun ruffled scarf with just one skein. Another way to work with Filigree is to combine it with a basic yarn. Use strips of Filigree and join them together using Red Heart With Love as shown in our Wrap and Go Shawl. Let your creativity run wild by joining just a few strips to make a scarf or keep adding strips for a gorgeous throw.

                               Wrap and Go Shawl

WrapGoShawl BoutiqueFiligree