Cabled Christmas

Last week on my way to a photo shoot, I passed the Club Monaco window. Amazing! Tons of Aran knits – stockings, scarves and sweaters. What a knitter’s delight! Half my stash is made up of Aran, ecru, off white, cream shades of various yarns. I love all the off-white stockings. I’ve made a note that it will be an idea for next year’s Christmas patterns. The huge long scarves are so nice; they have terrific stitch definition. Making stitch patterns in light shades of yarn is an excellent way to showcase your textural knitting and crocheting skills.

stockingsSince I want to continue to hone my crochet skills, I’m looking at WR2081 The Heirloom Stitch Throw and work down my stash. That’s my new year’s resolution!

Happy Holidays to everyone! The Red Heart design group can’t wait to bring you more exciting projects in 2011.