Cabled Hats 3 Colorful Ways

If you live where you have winter weather, or if you are planning a trip to the mountains or northern city (like me), you’ll be happy to have a cabled hat…knit or crochet it, the choice is yours! Our designer, Edie Eckman, has chosen With Love yarn which is cozy and soft, never scratchy. I love the tan and blue shades that Edie used for our photographed hats. But With Love comes in a full range of over 40 wonderful shades.

Looking for a great hat to give as a gift? These cabled hats are easily worn by both guys and gals. Choose from the knit or crochet version. Up-style it with a contrast rib at the lower edge. Add a pompom, or not, as the wearer prefers. (Pompom can be just tied at the top in case the receiver of the gift would rather remove it.)

Get your free pattern by clicking on the photo for whichever pattern you prefer. . .

Unisex Cabled Hat
Crocheted in With Love in TanUnisex Cabled Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW5500 

Duo-Tone Cabled Hat
Crocheted in With Love in Blue Hawaii and Minty
Duo-Tone Cabled Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW5499
Cabled Pompom Hat
Knit in With Love in Iced AquaCabled Pompom Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW5498 

See all the patterns this year for the 3 Colorful Ways Series.

13 thoughts on “Cabled Hats 3 Colorful Ways

  1. Gail

    #3 was my favorite because I do more knitting than crochet

  2. Mary Simmons

    I like the cable pompom hat. it’s cute i love to knit and i love to cable stitch in patterns. The harder the cale stittch design, the more i like it.I love the challenge. Mary

  3. Susan

    I do not like pom poms so I voted for #3 and also I do not know how to crochet.

  4. grandma Jo

    I loved the knitted one -softer look – but I had to choose the two-toned cable because I am not very good at knitting. Have trouble with my tension.

  5. Jo Burns

    I do more crochet than knitting, but if I were to do one of these hats, I would choose #1. I liked it best.

  6. Judy K.

    I like knitting and crocheting. I liked the cable pompom hat the best. I would just not put a pompom on it. They just do not withstand going through the washer even on hand wash. They become matted, their for not looking nice. So if you are going to spend time in making a hat, you want it to stay nice for a long time.

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