CGOA Chain Link Conference

If you are a crocheter who loves enjoying your craft alone, and gets all the inspiration you need from the many websites and Ravelry, then you do not need to read any further. But if you would like to be opened up to the larger world of wonderful people (in the flesh) that crochet, I whole-heartedly encourage you to join us at the Chain Link Conference in Chicago this July 26-29, 2017.

Red Heart is sponsoring the Crochet Lounge and we are among the many who are planning some fun events. Plus, you’ll get to meet Marly Bird! She’s our spokesperson who everyone loves to crochet along with; you’ve probably seen her doing Red Heart’s how-to videos that give you easy-to-understand hints for crocheting many of our designs.

The conference will have learning opportunities from the best teachers in the country, a design competition, a market full of goodies, dinner and crochet fashion show, and crochet camaraderie. If you haven’t been before, there is a Buddy Program for newbies — just make your interest known when you register.

If you are interested in Chain Link, learn more about it and how to register on the CGOA website.

If you can’t make it to Chicago, you should become a member of a local crochet chapter. Here’s a quick list of benefits for joining a local group:

  • Connecting with other crochet lovers
  • Learn new techniques
  • Be inspired by other members work
  • Plan crochet related trips such as yarn crawls or retreats
  • Organize charity projects
  • Find or be a mentor for anyone interested in becoming a professional
  • Learn about national guild activities

Don’t know of a group in your area? Start one yourself! Perhaps do a Meet Up or post a notice in a local yarn & craft store. Many coffee shops or libraries are happy to give you a spot to hold your meetings. Want guidance? The CGOA website has a resource page for Local Chapters.

Bobbie Matela is the Red Heart Inspiration Manager and the President of the Crochet Guild of America.