Christmas is Right Around the Corner!

Can’t believe where this year has gone…did you know it’s only 60 days ‘til Christmas?  I’m in the south, we still have temperatures in the 80’s during the day, flowers and vegetables are still growing and I’m sitting on the patio thinking about what to make for the holidays. This is always a fun time around my house. Several years ago I decided our tree would be decorated with hand made items.  Except for the lights & those few special gifts I’ve received over the years, everything is handmade with love. First thing I’m working on are the decorations for the tree.

With 5 grandkids, we have lots of interesting ornaments, but that’s what I love about it.  Last year I wanted a new garland and crocheted a snowflake garland, turning some of the snowflakes into ornaments. Crochet Snowflake Garland Pattern. I also made additional pieces and hung them on the fireplace mantel.  I like to create new things each year, some at the kids request, some for me.  Now I’m working on gingerbread boy ornaments. The kids are going to decorate them. What kind of things are you stitching to decorate your home for the holidays?